DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 13 Recap: “Land Of The Lost”


This week on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Sara and Jax use a dangerous method to try and bring Rip’s mind back.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow sees the exciting return of our favorite Time Master—Rip Hunter! However, the journey is not without its difficulties. It was an exciting hour well-balanced with some quirky humor and poignant moments.

Legendary Recap

The medallion has no new information on the whereabouts of the final piece of the Spear of Destiny. Nate starts to worry, not knowing if his grandfather, Commander Steel, is safe.

In the brig, Rip utters a few words that override Gideon’s command protocols. He now controls the Waverider’s AI. The ship quickly goes into lockdown mode.

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Rip initiates the Spectrum Protocol—a self-destruct sequence. Jax has a solution—reboot the system. However, the ship will be without power for a short period of time.

Running through the ship, Mick, Amaya, and Nate encounter the escaped Rip. He destroys the medallion in front of them—crushing all hope of finding Commander Steel. Mick promptly knocks out Rip.

The Waverider, still rebooting, falls through the timestream and crash lands in the Cretaceous Period. Gideon is now back under the team’s control, but the ship’s temporal delineator was lost during the crash. They won’t be able to time travel until they retrieve it.

To question Rip about the location of Commander Steel, Mick suggests using a dangerous method the Time Masters developed—cognitive intrusion. The team will go into Rip’s mind and change him back to what he was..

Outside, Ray gets a lock on the delineator—it’s in Gertrude’s territory. We don’t know who or what Gertrude is, but we’re all guessing it’s a dinosaur of some sort.

Sara will be the one to go into Rip’s mind. Jax quickly volunteers, knowing that Sara will need backup if anything goes wrong.

As Ray leaves Amaya and Nate to look for the delineator, a snake approaches Nate. Amaya calmly removes the snake and explains to him that animals are just misunderstood. The two share a moment and Amaya reveals she’s willing to give their relationship another shot.

As Sara and Jax prepare to enter Rip’s mind, Martin hands them a wrist device that will shock them back to the real world. Entering Rip’s mind, the two quickly run into Sara as the White Canary. Sara and her doppelganger briefly fight, with Jax ending it by shooting the double. The two theorize that Rip has evil versions of each team member.

Ray finally reveals why Gertrude is after him. When he was originally stranded in the Cretaceous Period (“Out of Time“), he ate one of the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s eggs. The three soon stumble onto Ray’s old shelter.

Sara and Jax run into Mick and Ray in his ATOM suit. Jax makes a run for it to find Rip, and Sara holds off the two evil doppelgangers. Ray destroys Sara’s wrist device and knocks her out. She quickly awakens in a cell—imprisoned with the real Rip.

Jax hears Morse Code in the form of knocking. He finds Gideon—in human form. She tells him that Eobard Thawne had twisted Rip’s memories—turning friends into enemies.

Sara attempts to communicate with Rip, but the former captain is so fearful of her that he mentally throws her back.

Amaya leaves the shelter to go in search of firewood which gives Ray the perfect opportunity to talk to Nate about a sensitive matter. He knows that Nate and Amaya are growing close, but warns him that he’s jeopardizing the timeline. Amaya is the grandmother of another future Vixen, who may cease to exist if Nate continues his relationship with her. And Ray reveals Amaya’s ultimate fate—her village will be destroyed, leaving her granddaughter in foster care.

Martin is growing increasingly worried. Mick lectures Martin and tells him that Jax should be treated like a partner, not a kid. There needs to be trust.

Sara tells Rip that he has the ability to control everything because these are his memories in his mind. She tries to jog his memory by telling him about his mission to protect the Spear. Rip makes an attempt to break through the prison, but fails. Jax and Gideon soon arrive, assisting them in their escape.

Rip still has no idea where Commander Steel is. The team is confronted by their doppelgangers again. Gideon and Rip make a run for the parlor, hoping that the familiarity of the artifacts will restore his mind. Sara and Jax fight against their evil doubles.

Ray finds the location of the delineator—but it’s located right in the middle of Gertrude’s nest. When the team tries to approach the nest, Gertrude appears. Amaya fearlessly walks up to the T-Rex and uses her abilities to communicate with the dinosaur. Gertrude eventually leaves peacefully.

Jax leads his Firestorm doppelganger into the cargo bay and is able to open the doors, pulling Firestorm out of the ship. Sara and Jax reunite with Rip and Gideon. However, the evil doubles have quickly recovered and are now standing in their way. Rip finally realizes what’s real and what isn’t. As he fights back, the construct he created starts to fall apart.

Jax shocks himself and quickly exits. When he wakes up in the real world, he jumps into action and shocks Sara with a pair of paddles—bringing her back also.

Back in Rip’s mind, he says some final words to Gideon, thanking her for being by his side. She implores him to leave. The two share a final kiss and Rip wakes up—restored and back to his old self.

The temporal delineator is now back online and operational. Nate agrees that he needs to break it off with Amaya … but he’ll let it stretch for one more day.

Martin speaks to Jax, admitting that he needs to trust him more. Sara speaks to Rip as he puts on his signature trenchcoat. He apologizes for what he had done, but she understands that it wasn’t him. As Sara leaves, Rip speaks to Gideon. Surprisingly, she remembers their kiss.

As Rip enters the bridge, he greets the team and divulges the location of the final piece of the Spear of Destiny.

1970, NASA Fight Operations: we wee an astronaut who has just become part of the primary crew for the Apollo 13 mission. The doctor examining him is revealed to be Eobard Thawne.

Legendary Moment(s)

  • Rip entering the bridge in slow motion. Yes, it’s been too long. Welcome back!
  • Ray becoming more and more nutty. You want evidence? Protecting himself with T-Rex urine and getting so lonely that he created tiny figures of the Legends.
  • Seeing the physical embodiment of Gideon. In the future, they should use the actress as Gideon’s holographic interface.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow‘s “Land of the Lost” episode finally saw the return of Rip Hunter. It’s been quite a ride. I’m happy that the Time Master is back. Even though I disliked the romantic subplot between Amaya and Nate, I’m happy that they’re creating some obstacles to end it. As I said before, Legends of Tomorrow‘s strong points have always been it’s quirky humor and over-the-top visual effects. Tonight’s episode sees the team back to form—ready to face off against the Legion of Doom.

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