Captain America, Classic X-Men To Get Omnibus Collections


Marvel revealed a pair of interesting omnibus collections coming this year, one featuring Captain America and the other the X-Men.

In my time reading and collecting comic books, the omnibus format is something that I just never really warmed up to.

Don’t get me wrong, the books themselves are gorgeous. To have complete collections of work by some of the best creators in comics between two covers is just amazing. To look on your shelf and see the complete Thor by Walter Simonson in one volume or every issue of John Byrne’s Fantastic Four in two monolithic books is too cool for words.

The problem has more to do with actually reading them.

I’m lucky enough to have the complete Alan Davis Captain Britain omnibus but I have never actually read it. I mean, have you ever tried to read one of those things? They are just too massive and next to impossible to read like a normal book.

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But that doesn’t mean the format doesn’t have its fans or those that love to collect the books, which are usually only in print for a brief time.

And it looks like those that are fans will have to make room on their shelves for two more that are on the way. Two really, really big ones.

As is being reported by Bleeding Cool, Marvel has taken the wraps of two new omnibus collections that should have fans very excited.

First is up is Captain America By Mark Waid & Ron Garney Omnibus, a massive 1328 page collection for $125. The book will collect everything the two did involving Captain America and if any run deserves this treatment, this is it.

The book will collect Captain America vol. 1 #444-454, Captain America vol. 3 #1-23, Iron Man/Captain America Annual ’98, Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty #1-12 and more. It is truly a collection worthy of the omnibus treatment.

The second omnibus is the X-Men Classic Omnibus which will weigh in at 1040 pages and set you back $125. It will finally collect all the original back-up stories that saw print in the pages of Classic X-Men, which reprinted the earliest adventures of the All-New, All-Different X-Men.

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All the back-ups were written by legendary X-Men scribe Chris Claremont, who worked with a variety of artists over the run of the book. It will collect material from Classic X-Men #1-44.

Both books are set to arrive in comic shops this December, so start saving your pennies now. You can be sure they won’t be on shelves very long.