Sony Produced Venom Spinoff Film Gets A Release Date


From seemingly out of nowhere, Sony has announced that the on-again,off-again Venom spinoff film has a release date.

It looks like we will all be getting a Venom movie after all. Why I’m not really sure, but like it or not, we’re getting a Venom movie. And soon.

The Hollywood Reporter reported Thursday that Sony announced the Spider-Man spinoff film Venom will hit theaters everywhere in October of next year. While the project does not have a director yet, Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner wrote the script with Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal producing.

Now if the idea of a Venom film sounds familiar, that might be because it has been in various stages of production for a number of years. When Sony was originally going to turn the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man films into a shared universe, Venom, along with the Secret Six, was one of the properties they were going to use.

However, the thinking was that when Sony and Marvel Studios struck a deal to allow Peter Parker to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the idea of a Sony Spider-Man shared universe of films was thought to be put to bed.

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Turns out not so much.

Word seems to be that Sony is going forward with a shared cinematic universe of Spider-Man related characters, just not Spider-Man himself.

Is it just me or does that not make a heck of a lot of sense?

Marvel is currently putting the finishing touches on Spider-Man: Homecoming with its release set for July of this year. And for the most part fans are pretty excited to see what the studio has in store. Sure, the costume on the Vulture is just all kinds of awful, but on the whole the movie looks like another Marvel hit.

Why would Sony want to mess with that? Isn’t a Venom movie just going to confuse moviegoers? How will that even work? Does this mean Venom can’t appear in the MCU? What about the rest of the Spider-Man characters controlled by Sony?

I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

And when you consider how lame Venom seemed the last time he was on the big screen in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, I don’t have high hopes for whatever Sony might be cooking up in such a short amount of time.

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Really. Does anyone want to see that on the big screen again?

Like it or not, Venom is set to arrive in theaters everywhere on Oct. 5, 2018. Prepare yourself.