The Flash Season 3, Episode 16 Recap: “Into the Speed Force”


Wally West is trapped in the Speed Force, and it’s up to The Flash to save him. But what happens when the Scarlet Speedster is the one who needs rescuing?

The Flash is feeling down in the dumps after losing Wally West to the Speed Force. He realizes Flashpoint is to blame for all the bad things that have happened to his friends. Barry is determined to go back into the Speed Force and retrieve his friend.

This time, when Flash goes into the Speed Force, he’ll have #TeamFlash watching his back. They are going to work together to monitor Barry while he’s gone so they can pull him out if necessary. Before Barry leaves, he spends some alone time with Iris West. She lets him know in no uncertain terms that their fantasy wedding is off.

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The Flash, thanks to Cisco Ramon’s vibing, teleports into the Speed Force. Barry is back in his old lab at the Central City Police Department and runs into a familiar face: Eddie Thawne. Eddie’s just a construct made by the Speed Force to speak to the Flash. He reminds Barry that he broke a deal with the Speed Force after his last visit there. After they gave Barry his speed back, he promised not to meddle with time to rescue his Mom. Now the Speed Force won’t be as accommodating.

Back in Central City, Jesse Quick wants to go after Savitar alone. HR Wells tries to remind her how that wouldn’t be a good idea, but he only has the face of her father, Harrison Wells. He’s not her real father. Back in the Speed Force, the Flash must outrace a Wraith in order to get to Wally. This takes us to our next special guest: Ronnie Raymond. He’s with Caitlin Snow and they have a young baby together. Or at least they would have a baby together if it wasn’t for the particle accelerator explosion.

Jesse wants to use a shard from Savitar to chase down the God of Speed. HR Wells puts his foot in his mouth by saying Jesse needs to wait for the real Flash to return. She eventually punches HR and takes her leave to go after Savitar.

Ronnie’s got some advice for Barry as well. To free Wally, Barry must free himself. Pretty deep there Ronnie. This provides us with some cool special effects as the Flash faces off with a Wraith / Hunter Zolomon hybrid. At one point the Flash is being choked out by Zolomon and has to use his tether (Flash symbol on chest) to stab the villain. This disconnects Flash from #TeamFlash back at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Now Leonard Snart is standing between Barry and Wally. Kid Flash is stuck in a medical room, but Barry can’t enter. Wally is caught in an endless loop of experiencing his mother’s death over and over again. It’s just like when Future Barry Allen trapped Savitar in the Speed Force. A person is made to experience their own personal Hell.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Just when it looks like Snart is going to take out the Flash, Jay Garrick shows up in the nick of time for the save. Back in Central City, Jesse is using the shard as a compass to find Savitar. The two speedsters fight, but the villain is too much for Jesse. However, HR is able to coach Jesse up through an earpiece and suggests if Savitar needs a suit of armor, he must be vulnerable. She uses this information to stab Savitar with his own shard of metal and he retreats to lick his wounds.

In order to free Wally, a speedster must stay behind to take his place. Jay sacrifices himself so Barry and Wally can return home. The old veteran leaves Barry his metallic helmet as a souvenir. After returning home, Jesse announces that since Earth-3 no longer has a speedster, she’s going back to be its protector. Now Barry is more determined than ever to end Savitar’s reign of terror.

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The highlight of “Into the Speed Force” was getting to see some old faces in Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond, and Leonard Snart. I’m still amazed that The Flash has kept Thawne and Raymond dead as long as they have.

Closing Thought

I originally thought Wally West would remain trapped in the Speed Force for longer than an episode. They missed a golden opportunity to drag it out and have his absence weigh heavier on #TeamFlash.