DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 15 Synopsis: “Fellowship Of The Spear”


This week on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the team goes up against the Legion of Doom to acquire to final pieces of the Spear of Destiny.

Last week on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s “Moonshot” episode, the team retrieved Commander Steel’s fragment of the Spear of Destiny using the Apollo 13 mission as a cover. And Amaya tried to make Nate understand that he shouldn’t “fix” history, even if it means giving his father a more difficult childhood.

The team goes to 1970 where they find Commander Steel, a.k.a. Henry Heywood, working at NASA. He’s hid a fragment of the Spear of Destiny in a very safe place—in Neil Armstrong’s American flag on the moon.

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The team uses the Apollo 13 mission as a cover to get there. Little do they know, Eobard has already infiltrated the command module. After reaching space, Eobard quickly renders the other astronauts unconscious. Ray, in his ATOM suit, flies in and the two fight it out—with the end result of accidentally launching and damaging the moon lander.

After retrieving the Spear fragment, Ray and Eobard agree to temporarily put aside their differences and work together—or else they’ll both die on the moon. When the command module starts to go towards a meteor belt, the Waverider saves it, but critically damages itself in the process.

Meanwhile, Nate wants the team to drop Henry off in 1956—the time when he first left—so that his father, Hank, Jr., won’t grow up fatherless. Amaya cautions against this, as it could drastically change history—Nate having a distant father molded who he is now as a person.

Eobard and Ray successfully fix the moon lander and the Waverider picks them up. However, the Waverider has no thrust and needs to reenter Earth’s atmosphere at a specific angle. Henry sacrifices himself by blowing open an airlock—forcing the ship into the right position.

Though Eobard is in a cell, the return to Earth also meant the return of gravity—giving him back his speedster abilities. He and Ray have a brief standoff, but the Black Flash’s arrival forces Eobard to retreat.

This week, the Legends go to World War I France to fight the Legion of Doom and acquire the final fragments of the Spear of Destiny. Here’s the official synopsis from The CW:

“Fellowship of the Spear”

"IT’S WAR — The Legends must devise a plan to retrieve the last remaining fragments of the Spear of Destiny from the Legion of Doom. They find themselves in France at the height of World War I faced with the knowledge that they must destroy the mystical object. They enlist the help of a soldier by the name of John Ronald Reuel Tolkin (guest star Jack Turner) and find that the Spear is leading them into the heart of the war. Meanwhile, the team must all resist the temptation of the Spear, and the return of a former teammate."

And, of course, the promo for the episode:

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