DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 15 Recap: “Fellowship Of The Spear”


This week on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, JRR Tolkien helps the team in their attempts to destroy the Spear of Destiny.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ups the Lord of the Rings references with this episode. The Legends seek the help of JRR Tolkien who knows where to find the blood of Christ—the only thing that can destroy the Spear of Destiny.

Legendary Recap

1916 France: The Legends are in the middle of World War I. The Spear glows because it detects the blood of Christ. The team contemplates using it.

72 Hours Earlier: Sara calls a meeting to figure out how to keep the Spear out of the Legion of Doom’s hands. The Legends want to make a preemptive strike and steal the rest of the pieces. Rip has an idea of where they might be operating out of—the Vanishing Point.

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The Legends arrive at the Vanishing Point and break into two parties to search for the fragments.  Mick has a flashback of Snart’s final moments. Sara speaks to him to break him out of reminiscing. Rip and Firestorm are soon led to an obelisk. Firestorm transmutates the obelisk into jelly beans, allowing them access to the final fragments.

Thawne is onto them, but arrives too late. As the Waverider takes off, Thawne speeds in, just missing them.

When Rip lays the pieces out, the Spear automatically assembles itself. He warns the team not to touch it—the Spear will yearn each of them to wield it. Mick tries to destroy it, but his heatgun has no effect. However, the fire does reveal Latin inscription. They consult Nate who translates it to read “Born of blood. Undone by blood.”

Nate tells them only the blood of Christ can destroy it. Sara wants to go to the time of the Crucifixion, but Rip stops her—-Christ’s death is too significant to tamper with. Nate offers an alternate solution.

He remembers reading a paper about Sir Gawain returning from the Crusades with Christ’s blood. The knight is buried somewhere in the north of France and Nate knows just the person who can find him—JRR Tolkien, who’s serving in World War I.

Damien is amused with Eobard’s frustrations over the loss of the Spear. Eobard soon changes his outlook. The Legends have, in essence, assembled it for them. The Legion will intercept the Legends when they try to destroy it.

The Waverider arrives in World War I France during the Battle of the Somme. The Legends go in search of Tolkien.

Mick has another vision of Snart, who tries to lure him into retrieving the Spear. Mick discovers that this “vision” of Snart is very much physical when his best friend sucker punches him.

Rip, Ray, and Nate find Tolkien, who’s suffering from Typhoid Fever. They escort him out of the trenches and bring him on board the Waverider where he’s cured. After a bit of convincing, Tolkien agrees to help the Legends on their mission.

Amaya is preoccupied with thinking about her destiny and tells Sara about Gideon’s historical record. Sara comforts her and tells her about the future Vixen—Amaya’s granddaughter.

Mick enters the library and tries to take the Spear, but Martin catches him. Sara soon enters, telling Mick that he’ll be going to a church housing Gawain’s remains.

At the church, they discover that a chalice has an inscription which leads them to a damaged wall. Nate kicks what’s left of the wall, revealing Gawain’s remains. Snart enters and the whole team can see him, proving that he isn’t Mick’s hallucination. In fact, this is Snart from the past—the Legion picked him up before he joined the Legends.

Damien soon appears and calls in German soldiers to attack them. Tolkien quickly transfers an engraving on Gawain’s shield. The team barely makes it out.

On the Waverider, the team is concerned that Mick could be a liability. Mick is disheartened and thinks they will always see him as a criminal.

In the study, Amaya is tempted to take the Spear. Mick encourages her and tries to convince her the Spear may be able to help her.

The team locates the blood of Christ—it’s located in the middle of no man’s land. Amaya, holding the spear, surprises the team and says she has a solution. She wants to use the Spear by eliminating the Legion. She claims she can control the power.

The team tries to convince her otherwise. They put it to a majority vote. Even though she disagrees with the winning decision, she respects the result.

The team is on the battlefield (the scene at the beginning of the episode). The Spear detects the blood.

Rip and Tolkien pay the British commander a visit. The want him to issue a ceasefire, but the commander refuses. Martin and Ray visit the German commander and do the same, and he too refuses to stop fighting.

The British start to advance, and the Legends use the opportunity as cover. Rip finally knocks out the British commander and issues a ceasefire himself: he wants the two sides to stop fighting so they can retrieve their injured. It works.

The Legends find a chest housing a container of Christ’s blood. Sara hands Mick the Spear for temporary safekeeping. Snart and Damien quickly arrive. This was their plan all along.

Snart successfully convinces Mick to go with them. Mick invites Amaya, but she refuses. Snart throws a grenade, reigniting the battle. Eobard quickly speeds in, helping Damien, Snart, and Mick escape.

Jax arrives with the Waverider. Nate, knocked to the ground by an explosion, drops the container of blood. A barrage of gunfire quickly destroys it. The Waverider lands and the team scrambles to board it.

The Legends ask themselves if they ever truly trusted Mick. They feel he may have caught on to their wariness, making him revert back to his old ways. Nate thinks the Legion may not even know how to use the Spear.

Back in the Vanishing Point, Malcolm arrives with the Spear’s “owners manual”—a large ancient book. Each member of the group holds the Spear and Malcolm starts to read from the book. The Spear glows and powers up.

Legendary Moment(s)

  • Mick trying to destroy the Spear with his heatgun and then proclaiming, “See, I did help,” when the Latin inscription is revealed.
  • Rip making his ceasefire speech. Our Time Master is really back to form. Remember when he use to make motivating speeches at the end of virtually every Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 episode?

Thoughts for Tomorrow

This was a great Legends of Tomorrow episode with homages everywhere. It was fun to see the writers treat the Spear like the ring from Tolkien’s famous work. It was also amusing to see Amaya and Mick try to control their inner-Gollum.

Next week will be the penultimate episode for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2. Our heroes have basically lost a team member and the most dangerous weapon in history. To make matters worse, the Legion has full knowledge on how to power the Spear.

As for Mick, he’s been down this road before—betraying his team members. In Season 1, he was revealed to be Chronos, but quickly changed his tune and rejoined the Legends. I’m wondering if Mick will pull the same thing again.

And let’s not forget about Snart’s actual physical return. Okay, so he’s not the evolved, arced Captain Cold. I have a feeling Mick may be forced to do the unthinkable—kill his best friend. Then again, they’re in the Vanishing Point. Anything is possible. The future, good Snart’s essence may find a way into this younger Snart.

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