Michael Shannon Frontrunner For Role Of Cable


After months of speculation and rumor, Deadpool 2 may have finally found its Cable in the form of former General Zod Michael Shannon.

The cast of Deadpool 2 is finally starting to take shape.

While the original Deadpool was able to film in relative obscurity due to the fact no one, not even 20th Century Fox, thought it would be much of a hit, the sequel will not have the same luxury. Every move and decision has been scrutinized by not only the fans, but the studio as well.

When original director Tim Miller left the project and was replaced by David Leitch, the internet went nuts. When rumors surfaced that star Ryan Reynolds was unhappy with the script, the internet went nuts. When Zazie Beetz won the coveted role of Domino, the internet went nuts. When it was revealed that Deadpool 2 would lead into an X-Force film, the internet went nuts.

This is what happens when a R-rated film no one thought would be a hit goes on to earn over $780 million worldwide.

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And through all of that was the question that fandom and Hollywood all seemed to want an answer to: who was going to play the time-traveling mutant soldier Cable.

It looks like if Fox has their way, we may finally have our answer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Shannon is the frontrunner for the role. The Oscar nominated actor has recently been seen in the film Nocturnal Animals, but is better known in geek circles as General Zod in Man of Steel.

Shannon was also in Jonah Hex, but no one really talks about Jonah Hex, so let’s move on, shall we?

Stranger Things David Harbour is also in contention for the part, but the studio apparently really wants Shannon to play Cable. And when you watch Shannon play Zod, can you blame them? He would bring the exact amount of seriousness and gravitas to the role that would play perfectly against Reynolds’ wise-cracking mercenary.

Some may remember that Kyle Chandler’s name was also bandied about last summer, but word is that he was never really being considered for the role.

The only flaw in this otherwise perfect plan is that Shannon might not have time in his schedule to take the part. Deadpool 2 is set to start filming this summer in Canada and Shannon has signed to be in the film What They Had, which starts filming this spring.

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If they want Shannon bad enough, they will likely have to either work around his schedule or postpone filming for a time until he is available.

Me? I hope they are willing to work with Shannon. He is perfect for the part and I would love to see him as a part of the X-Men Cinematic Universe.

Deadpool 2 is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2018.