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Check out our exclusive unboxing of the Batman figurine from Eaglemoss Collectibles’ DC Comics Super Hero Collection.

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With comic book properties now in the mainstream, many companies are getting in on the game of creating collectibles and memorabilia. UK-based Eaglemoss is a company that has been doing this for over forty years across a wide spectrum of pop culture products.

The company’s offerings are based on a subscription model where each month you’re sent one or more items in a collection line. You can cancel anytime, and you also have the option to buy the pieces individually at the company’s online store. However, the benefits of a subscription are the various “loyalty” gifts—metal plaques, display plinth, etc—you will receive.

The first in each series is usually only $4.95 (accounting for only shipping and handling for most of their products). The customer will be billed in subsequent months for both the new products and shipping.

One of Eaglemoss’s most popular lines—the DC Comics Super Hero Collection—has now made a comeback after being inundated with requests. The first of these collectibles is the Batman figurine, and Bam Smack Pow has an exclusive unboxing and review of this exciting offering.

The Unboxing

For this reintroduced line of collectibles, the company is also offering—for a limited time—collectible boxes with the figurine and magazine. Frequent readers know my affinity for keeping collectibles inside their packaging, so this is a big plus in my eyes.

The box is very simple which is great—without strange angles, a collector can display this on a shelf or stack them neatly. The design of the box is custom to the figure and magazine. Each side has different artwork, and the back contains a photo of the rest of the collection.

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Removing the outer shell, we have Batman encased in a transparent shell that’s made of two pieces of molded plastic. It’s secure enough to protect the figure, but not so much that it’s a hassle to remove.

The Details

The figure—like most offerings from Eaglemoss—comes with an exclusive magazine detailing the character’s history. It’s not so much a history of Batman’s creation and development, but a biographical sketch of the Dark Knight himself. Yes, Batman’s history is epic and rich, so there’s no way of summing it up in just a small magazine. However, it’s a great “Cliffs Notes” version of his life and exploits.

Next, we move on to the “meat” of the offering—the Batman Figurine itself. It’s amazing what they can do with small models these days. Originally, I tempered my expectations after seeing the  actual box size. But as you can see, the details  are really astounding.

Batman is in a pose we rarely see him in. He’s usually perched next to a building’s stone gargoyle or standing with most of his cape draped over him. Here, we see him raising a section of his cape, about to go stealth.

The figurine is nicely painted—no detail is missed. Even the gold buckle has some distressing on it. The sculpt is very clean and there are no muddled lines or unkempt grooves.

At the bottom of the pedestal, we have a sticker and a number. I’m guessing that the number shows its “limited” status—something coveted by collectors. Overall, it’s a very beautiful sculpt. Even though it’s small, it’s still very eye-catching.

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Photo Credit: Steve Lam

It’s no mystery as to why this collection is popular with fans, and why Eaglemoss brought it back. With a highly detailed figure, collector’s box, and companion magazine, any collector would be happy to have this in their DC vault.

At $4.95 for a risk-free trial, you really have nothing to lose. I’m definitely hooked. The Batman figurine alone is worth it. You can check out Eaglemoss’s official DC Super Hero Collection website to see how you can get started on a subscription today.

A special thanks to Raphaël Cohen from Eaglemoss Publications Ltd. for helping us with this review.

Disclosure: Bam Smack Pow was provided with a free sample for the purposes of this review.

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