Eaglemoss DC Comics Super Hero Collection: Harley Quinn


Check out our exclusive unboxing of the Harley Quinn figurine from Eaglemoss Collectibles’ DC Comics Super Hero Collection.

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We previously reviewed Eaglemoss Collectibles’ DC Comics Super Hero Collection Batman figurine. So it’s only fitting that we venture to the other side of the fence and take a look at an individual from the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery—Harley Quinn.

The Joker’s girlfriend/assistant, Harley Quinn didn’t originate from the comics. She was created solely for Batman: The Animated Series—the 1990s critically and fan acclaimed cartoon. The character would later appear in the comics and quickly climb up to become one of the most popular villains in the DC universe.

Recently, Harley Quinn has ascended to an even higher echelon of fame. This was due to the release of the DC Extended Universe’s Suicide Squad, where Margot Robbie played the Clown Prince of Crime’s significant other.

Harley Quinn is definitely here to stay. And to solidify her presence, Eaglemoss has added this colorful character to their line-up. Bam Smack Pow was very fortunate to get our hands on this item, so sit back as we give all of you and exclusive unboxing and review.

The Unboxing

Like the Batman collectible, Harley Quinn comes in her own specially designed box with a custom theme. The art prominently shows her in her comic book form—everything from her color-blocked suit to her jester hat and domino mask.

There’s a very generous window in the front of the box which, for collectors like me, is perfect. I tend to keep my items in the box, and this is a perfect balance of practicality and aesthetics. The box keeps the figurine protected, as well as make a great display case.

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Removing the outer cardboard shell, we get a plastic molded case that houses the figurine and magazine. It’s secure, but can be easily taken apart to access the items. It’s a design that a lot of other companies should follow.

The Details

First up, we get a detailed look at the customary collectible magazine. Like the Batman edition, the magazine is the character’s biography—concentrating more on the character instead of the creators. The final pages show a gallery of classic Harley Quinn stories, so fans can further explore her exploits.

Next up is what you’ve all been waiting for—the Harley Quinn figurine. The figure has Harley in her famous red-and-black suit along with her famous jester hat and domino mask. The finishing touch is a comically large gun in her right hand—although I don’t think the poor victim staring at the end of that thing will find it humorous.

Looking at the figure from a variety of angles, you can see the impressiveness of the details. Her pale skin is contrasted by her dark lipstick. And there are diamond patterns on her upper thigh and forearm—everything seen in the comics. The bottom of the pedestal is adorned with a DC Comics sticker, showing it’s authenticity. There’s also a number recording, denoting its limited nature.

All Items

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Overall, Eaglemoss has a very compelling offer. When you subscribe, you will receive the first item, the Batman figurine and magazine, for $4.95. Subsequent items will be billed at the regular price along with a charge for shipping and handling. However, you can cancel at any time. If you’re not satisfied with your first item, you can get a full refund—so you really have nothing to lose here.

New upcoming figurines include the Joker (what’s Harley without her Puddin’?), Superman, and Wonder Woman. Subscribers will also receive a variety of loyalty-based gifts every couple of months. So head on over to the DC Comics Super Hero Collection site and check out Eaglemoss’s fun collection.

A special thanks to Raphaël Cohen from Eaglemoss Publications Ltd. for helping us with this review.

Disclosure: Bam Smack Pow was provided with a free sample for the purposes of this review.

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