Katie Cassidy Rejoins Arrow As Series Regular


It has been announced that Katie Cassidy will be rejoining the cast of the CW’s Arrow as a series regular for Season 6.

Ever since the fourth season of Arrow, fans have been mourning the loss Laurel Lance. Her death was one of the bigger touchstone moments for the series and has caused repercussion that have been felt ever since.

Then during San Diego Comic Con International, it was announced that Katie Cassidy had signed a deal to appear in all the various CW DC superhero shows, including Arrow. At the time fans were unsure exactly how this was going to work, seeing as how her character was dead, but everyone took a wait and see approach.

So when the Earth-2 version of Laurel Lance made her debut in Season 2 of The Flash, it made a lot of fans very happy. Sure, this was an evil version that called herself Black Siren, but most figured something is better than nothing. Plus seeing Cassidy play an evil version of Lance was a heck of a lot of fun.

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Now it looks like we will all be getting to see a lot more of Evil Laurel Lance.

It has been announced that Cassidy will be joining the cast of Arrow as a series regular next season. In addition, she will be appearing in the final two episodes of Season 5.

Right now it isn’t clear if Lance will be featured in the series as a hero as villain, but either way it should provide Arrow fans lots to talk about. Arrow and his team have found a new Black Canary in the form of Dinah Drake, so no one knows if that bodes ill for Drake of if Lance will be featured in the show in another capacity.

In a statement, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim explained that everyone is very excited to have Cassidy back in the fold on a regular basis.

"“One of the things that most excites us about ‘Arrow’ is that we go where the story takes us. Last year, the story took us to the tragic death of Laurel Lance. This year, our midseason finale reintroduced us to Laurel’s doppelgänger, Black Siren. We were so taken by Katie’s fearless interpretation of this character that we knew her story was not yet finished. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Katie back to ‘Arrow’ as Black Siren, though as her appearances on ‘Arrow’ and ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ this season show, she never really left the family.”"

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For me, I would love to see Lance maintain her evil persona instead of reforming. Black Siren is a fascinating character and it would be a shame to see her suddenly reform and become a hero so she could be a part of Team Arrow. I’d much rather see her stay a villain and be the type of character the heroes and viewers alike are always trying to figure out.

Arrow airs on The CW Wednesday at 8 PM.