James Bond: Hammerhead #6 Review: Russian Roulette With Victoria Hunt


Victoria Hunt has launched a nuclear missile at London! Can Bond stop her?

James Bond: Hammerhead #6

Writer: Andy Diggle

Artist: Luca Casalanguida

Colorist: Chris Blythe

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A tycoon holds the world hostage. A doomsday weapon has been launched at a major city. Only minutes remain before annihilation. In other words, just another day at the office for Agent 007. Victoria Hunt has orchestrated the murder of her father and the takeover of his munitions company. She’s also intent on making her Hammerhead railgun weapon a top seller via nuclear war. As ruthless as the British warlords of old, she’s seemingly blasted all invaders asunder.

Image by Dynamite Entertainment

Unfortunately, for Victoria Hunt, not even a giant laser canon can stop James Bond. The sole survivor of a British submarine and naval fleet, he steals onto her ocean base armed with little more than a knife. Yet against her horde of armed gunmen, it’s an unfair advantage—for him. In rapid succession, Bond impresses and infuriates Victoria with his survival and equally ruthless tactics. Neither of them enjoys giving an inch, nor shy away from murder to get what they want.

Image by Dynamite Entertainment

Seems Like the Final Round between 007 and the Kraken!

Victoria Hunt may be a tactical genius, but not even she is immune to misdirection. In rapid succession, Bond retakes the Hammerhead, rescues M and Moneypenny, and saves London. All without barely taking a scratch. Once again, James Bond is the ultimate hero, albeit this time by firing the biggest phallic object of his career. He even has time for a celebratory smoke once all is said and done. The Kraken may have been a monster of myth, but not even that mantle fazes him.

Image by Dynamite Entertainment

Andy Diggle wraps up his script with all of the spectacle one would expect of a James Bond feature. Plenty of bad guys die, and plenty of property is blown up. The stakes are over-the-top, yet Bond himself never loses his cool. In contrast is Victoria Hunt, formerly known as the terrorist Kraken. She’s prone to fits of uncontrollable anger and emotion. Even she admits her one error in her plan is sleeping with Bond, rather than slaying him. In their violent game, Bond comes up aces.

Image by Dynamite Entertainment

Despite having been a hostage alongside M, Moneypenny once again makes her presence felt. Despite being shot in the shoulder, she’s instrumental in arranging their flight from Hunt’s demolished base. She and Bond continue to have a dynamic which balances flirtation and professionalism. Hence, I imagine after Felix Leiter, she may be next to receive a miniseries from Dynamite Entertainment. After all, who else is left in the Bond cast to do so with? M himself?

Image by Dynamite Entertainment

Yet Another Success of Dynamite’s Bond Line!

This action finale gives Luca Casalanguida and Chris Blythe a major opportunity to shine. Watching Bond take down Victoria Hunt’s minions and retake the Hammerhead is a fast-paced adrenaline rush. In addition, the pair get a lot of mileage out of Victoria Hunt’s range of expressions. The story flows visually and would be exciting even without any dialogue. It may not be as novel as James Bond fighting his own car, but that climatic duel wound up giving Agent 007 the key to victory.

Image by Dynamite Entertainment

Next: See Bond survive an exploding sub in #5!

This may be the end of Hammerhead, but far from the end of James Bond at Dynamite. The second volume of his ongoing series has begun, and Kieron Gillen has written a one-shot for May. In conclusion, James Bond: Hammerhead may have run a little late, but it provided an entertaining diversion. Those wanting a solid 007 adventure between an ongoing series will be pleased with an action spectacular which checks off all of his tropes. His future in comics continues to be bright.