DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 17 Season Finale Recap: “Aruba”


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow signs off Season 2 with some time travel wackiness and doppelganger action.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow celebrates it’s Season 2 end by having the Legends break their number one rule: never travel back to a point where they’ve affected history. The season finale is loaded with action and typical Legends humor.

Legendary Recap

Rip and Gideon get the Waverider powered up and operational. Discovering that they’ve been miniaturized, they cloak the ship and make an escape.

As the rest of the Legends try to contact Rip, the Waverider arrives. Rip thinks Eobard used Ray’s exosuit to shrink them.

The team breaks into Eobard’s lab and has a short humorous scuffle with Damien and the guards. Ray finds his ATOM suit and returns the Waverider back to normal size.

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The team is now in 1916 France and Rip thinks this is a bad idea. They will have to try as much as possible to avoid their past selves. Once they destroy the Spear, their current selves will cease to exist—because they’re actually aberrations.

When current-Ray flies into the middle of no man’s land to retrieve the Blood of Christ, Eobard speeds in and promptly kills him. The current-Legends regroup on the Waverider and form a plan to steal the Spear from their past selves.

We’re back at the scene when Snart first punches Mick except, this time, we follow Snart—all the way to the Legion of Doom’s tent. Future Eobard speeds in with Malcolm and warns them about the current-Legends.

While boarding the Waverider, current-Mick, current-Nate, and current-Rip are confronted by past-Sara. Current-Nate later sees past-Amaya, and a flood of emotions overwhelms him. Current-Mick successfully steals the Spear, but current-Nate loses track of time and holds up the team.

On the battlefield, the past-Legends are about to enter the Waverider. The team inside is now trapped.

Current-Sara runs out and pretends to be her past self, keeping the team from boarding. The ruse doesn’t work and the past-Legends discover their doppelgangers. Past-Nate steels up and knocks out current-Sara. As past-Rip investigates further, he authenticates Sara’s identity—albeit Sara revisiting the past.

As all the Legends, past and current, congregate on the bridge, a timequake rumbles through. We’ll soon see the consequences of this meeting.

The two Sara’s break off into their own meeting to discuss the Spear. Past-Sara is reluctant to wield it, fearing the darkness inside her. Current-Nate gives past-Nate a good scolding—telling him to reveal to past-Amaya his true feelings before it’s too late.

Outside, the Legion’s attack the Waverider to the point where it loses its shields. The Legends attempt an impromptu time jump to escape, but it creates a time storm due to their interactions with their past and current selves. The ship eventually crashes, sustaining critical damage.

Current-Sara wants the past-Legends to use the current-Waverider to time jump. The plan was to always sacrifice the current-Legends.

Both Legends teams face off with the Legion on the battlefield. Each current-Legend is killed in the process of assuring their past selves will make it to the Waverider. The only one left standing is current-Sara.

Eobard speeds in with an army of his past selves and starts to attack the past-Legends. Past-Sara picks up the Spear and starts the incantation, but is still reluctant, fearing the power will corrupt her. With encouragement from past-Rip, past-Sara finishes.

In the blink of an eye, past-Sara is brought to a reality where Laurel is alive and well. The Spear soon speaks through Laurel, giving past-Sara the option to shape reality to her own design. Past-Sara comes to the realization that every event in her life, no matter the heartache or tragedy, was meant to prepare her for this moment.

Past-Sara quickly returns to the battlefield and Eobard speeds in, stealing the Spear. He soon learns that past-Sara changed reality and depowered the artifact. When Eobard is about to kill past-Sara, the Black Flash speeds in and erases Eobard and his army from existence. With the mission complete, current-Sara says her goodbye and fades away.

Wrapping things up, Sara has some special things in store for the rest of the Legion. She first alludes to Malcolm sitting in his small apartment—similar to a reality Malcolm made for Ra’s al Ghul, where he never reached his potential.

For Snart, she has Mick take him to the moment where the Legions removed him from the timeline. Mick erases his memories so that he’ll rejoin his path to heroism—ultimately sacrificing himself in the Vanishing Point.

For Damien, Sara takes him back to 1987 Miami, where Eobard first took Malcolm out of his timeline (“Compromised“). She realizes that he’ll eventually kill Laurel, but it’s her destiny. She too erases his mind before departing.

Amaya is packed and ready to go back to 1942. Nate finally admits to her that he doesn’t want to lose her again. Moved by his words, Amaya chooses to stay—stating that destiny will wait for her.

Sara catches Rip ready to take his leave. He’s come to the realization that there’s nothing more to teach her or the team.

Sara allows Mick to set their next destination. He chooses Aruba. It’s not long before the Waverider encounters a time storm and is thrown out of the temporal zone. The ship spins out of control and crashes in 2017 Los Angeles where a herd of Tyrannosaurus Rexes roam freely.

Legendary Moment(s)

  • Ray having a make-out session with his ATOM suit because he’s been away from it for so long.
  • When past-Rory and present-Rory try to goad each other on, past-Sara and present-Sara simultaneously yell at their respective Rorys with “Knock it off, Rory!”
  • The final battle with the Legends x 2 against the Legion of Doom.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

It wasn’t until tonight’s season finale that we realized all of Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 was one big arc for Sara. The writers did a good enough job where no one episode seemed too heavily skewed towards one character.

It was also a great passing-of-the-torch from Rip to Sara, as now she’s not a reluctant leader, but one who has faith in herself to lead. Rip, leaving at the end, was a big surprise, as he only had a short stint since returning from his memory loss.

The CW has already renewed Legends of Tomorrow for a third season. If anything, the show has certainly found its stride this season. It definitely has its own brand of action and humor. I’m glad the network hasn’t written this show out of existence.

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