DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 16 Recap: “Doomworld”


In this very action-packed and humorous Season 2 penultimate episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the team must find a way to restore reality.

As the episode leading up to the Season 2 finale, Legends of Tomorrow‘s “Doomworld” episode delivers in both action and humor. It’s more of a Mick redemption story, but all the players got their moment to shine.

Legendary Recap

Star City 2017: Amaya and Sara chase and apprehend a vigilante clad in black—it’s soon revealed to be a dark-haired Felicity. They bring her to Damien and he promptly snaps her neck. When Damien adds Felicity’s mask as the latest in his collection of hero trophies, we learn the current world is very different.

Central City 2017: Eobard Thawne runs STAR Labs and has imprisoned the Black Flash. Malcolm Merlyn has everything he ever wanted (his family, Ra’s al Ghul living a very mundane life, and his hand), but he still desires to have the Spear. Eobard is holding it for “safekeeping.”

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Mick Rory and Leonard Snart now run the city, as demonstrated by the cops just letting them go. During a small quarrel between the two, Snart reveals that the Legends only lived because of a deal they struck. Only Mick, Snart, and the Legion of Doom have memories of the previous reality.

Rip is trapped inside the Waverider. He spends his days getting drunk, making cakes, and talking to Gideon. He sees no point in fighting anymore.

Martin and Jax have a very different kind of relationship—one where Jax is Martin’s domineering boss. In the same facility, Ray now works as a janitor.

As a reference to the the first episode of the season (“Out of Time“) Nate barges in to Eobard’s office, claiming that he knows this reality to be false. Nate soon finds himself about to be executed by Mick and Snart, except Mick saves him.

Mick brings Nate to Ray’s place. For some unknown reason, Ray had a motivation to build a Transreality Multiplexer that can restore someone’s mind to the correct reality. Mick tries it on Nate and it works, although it gets Mick a punch in the face.

Snart reports back to Damien and Malcolm. They send out Sara and Vixen to hunt down Mick via a GPS Snart planted on him.

It’s not long before Sara and Vixen find Mick, Ray, and Nate. When Nate tries to steel up, they all learn that their powers have been taken away. A fight ensues, with Sara getting hit by the Multiplexer—restoring her mind—and Amaya escaping.

They use Nate’s mother’s house as a hideout and form a plan to have Sara, who the Legion has no idea is restored, get Amaya.

Back on the Waverider, Gideon scolds Rip out of his rut. While he’s been wallowing in his own misery, Gideon has figured out a way to redirect the ship’s power. He’ll need to find a way to send a signal out to the team.

Snart voices his plans to kill Eobard, and gets support from both Malcolm and Damien. Amaya makes it back first, but Sara soon follows. She tries to get Amaya to go back out. However, Damien is quick to catch on.

He uses the killing of the Black Canary to rile up Sara. She breaks, revealing the return of her memories, and he soon uses his magic on her. Sara quickly blasts Amaya with the Multiplexer when she’s about to execute her. Both Sara and a restored Amaya escape.

Sara next blasts Jax. Their next move is to rescue Martin Stein—who’s building a reactor that can burn 1000 times hotter than the sun. Eobard wants to use it to destroy the Spear so this reality is permanent. We soon see the reactor come online after Eobard threatens Martin.

The Legends plan to go on a mission to destroy the reactor. However, they’re going to leave Mick behind—he can’t be trusted. Mick meets up with Snart and, together, they form a plan with Malcolm and Damien to steal the Spear when Eobard is busy fighting the Legends.

When Jax is about to use the Multiplexer, Martin slaps it out of his hands, destroying it. Jax tries his best to convince Martin this is a false reality. Martin, wary of everything, triggers the facility’s alarm. The Reverse-Flash and the rest of the Legion appear. As Mick blasts the Spear from Eobard, the Legends and the Legion scramble and fight.

Mick ends up getting the Spear. Both teams try to convince him to give it up to their respective sides. Snart’s over-the-top manipulation causes Mick to toss the Spear to Amaya. As she recites the incantation, Snart blasts Amaya with his freeze gun. He finishes by shattering her to pieces.

The team is devastated and Mick raises his heat gun at Snart, but can’t bring himself to kill his former best friend. Eobard speeds in, takes the Spear and drops it in the reactor. Eobard purposely lets everyone live—it’s his way of relishing in their torturous existence.

The team regroups at Nate’s mother’s house. They come up with a solution to use time travel. But they can’t do anything unless they have the Waverider—so their next mission is to find Rip.

On the Waverider, Rip is back to form, long trenchcoat and everything. As he sends the signal out to the team, the camera pans out—revealing the Waverider and everything inside it has been miniaturized, sitting on top of Eobard’s desk like a scale model.

Legendary Moment(s)

  • The fight between the Legends and the Legion of Doom for the Spear of Destiny. The almost-high-five between Nate and Damien had me in stitches.
  • The Legion of Doom’s facility is the live-action version of the one seen in the 1980s Challenge of the Super Friends animated series.
  • The Legends’ praising of Nate’s mother’s sandwich-making skills. I now have a craving for sandwiches.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow truly delivered its most “comic-booky” episode to-date. What do I mean by that? The whole episode is fast-paced, action-packed, and filled to the brim with humor. It also wasn’t light on emotions. The death of Amaya and the conflicted torment Mick felt betraying the team and sparing his best friend’s life made this a great episode.

Next week will be Legends of Tomorrow‘s Season 2 finale. Going by what I saw in this penultimate episode, I think the season will end with a bang. Although it’ll be difficult to top this one, I’m really excited to see what the writers have in store for the fans. These guys really know how to deliver a fun comic book show.

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