DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: Rip Hunter Will Return In Season 3


Marc Guggenheim teases that he has “plans” for Rip Hunter for Legends of Tomorrow season 3.

Season 2 has concluded for Legends of Tomorrow, and fans are already speculating on what’s to come next season.

WARNING: Potential spoilers for Season 2

Team leader Rip Hunter had been absent for the majority of the show’s sophomore season. After scattering the team in different time periods in the season premiere, the team re-grouped and nominated Sara Lance as their new leader. Around winter break, Rip returned—but his memory was completely wiped.

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It was later revealed that he did this to safely guard the Spear of Destiny.. This prompted both the Legends and the Legion of Doom to track him down. Unfortunately, for the Legends, the Legion had got to him first. The Legion later brainwashes him in order to use him for their own plans.

The season ended in a way which led us to believe the show was done with Rip. The final moments saw Rip attempting to “escape” the Waverider undetected, only for Sara to catch him. He notifies her that the team operates better under her control and he wasn’t needed anymore.

Like a proud parent sending his child into the world, it felt like a “ride into the sunset” moment for Rip.

Although, it appears there’s still more in store for the Waverider’s first captain. Marc Guggenheim appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s Superhero Insider Podcast, where he talked about his plans for Rip.

"“”We’ve got plans for Rip for next year. It’s just in a different capacity than him being a member of the team.”"

Considering Season 2 had shown Rip in a different light, this news prompts intriguing discussions on what other twist and turns are in store for the future.

This ambiguous ending only brings up more questions, which means fans will have to wait until fall (when the show returns for its third season) for those answers.

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What do you think is in store for Rip Hunter? Are you excited for Season 3? What were your thoughts on the season finale? Let us know in the comments.