The Flash season 3, episode 20 recap: “I Know Who You Are”


At long last, the Flash finally learns who is behind the identity of Savitar, the God of Speed. The answer will shock you.

“I Know Who You Are” wastes no time building the drama as we begin with a quick look at the end of the episode as the Flash confronts Savitar, finally realizing who he is. We then jump back to the present with Joe West and Cecile Horton training for the Central City marathon. Cecile happens to blurt out that she loves Joe, which leaves him speechless. Luckily, he’s rescued by a phone call.

#TeamFlash is at S.T.A.R. Labs researching Tracy Brand, the woman who will discover a method to trap Savitar in the Speed Force in four years. They’re having no luck finding her and Julian Albert would prefer if they put their efforts into finding Caitlin Snow. An alert finally goes off that says Tracy is enrolled in CCU’S Theoretical Physics program. Barry Allen, HR Wells, and Cisco Ramon go pay her a visit.

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Instead of finding an accomplished scientist, the team instead meets a graduate school dropout. Apparently, she didn’t pass her dissertation. HR tries to give some words of encouragement but is interrupted by Killer Frost. Barry is able to save Tracy from an ice attack, but is overwhelmed by Killer Frost. The same goes for Cisco, who doesn’t want to harm his former friend.

A police sketch at the CCPD confirms it was Killer Frost who attacked CCU, so now the police are after her as well. Savitar takes some time to confront Killer Frost on letting Tracy escape. He asks her if she’s really a killer? They could be gods if she gets with the program and kills Tracy.

Joe is contemplating telling Cecile the truth about #TeamFlash. Speaking of romance, HR seems to have taken a liking towards Tracy. With Cisco’s help, he’s begun whispering sweet scientific nothings into her ear, like his believing in her Speed Force studies. Suddenly, a coffee cup is frozen and the Flash arrives in time to deflect ice daggers aimed right at Tracy from Killer Frost. Cisco even formed a trap for Killer Frost, but can’t bring himself to enact it in time.

Meanwhile, Julian and Cisco have it out over Caitlin’s transformation into Killer Frost. Cisco tells Julian the reason he’s been holding back is he doesn’t want to hurt his friend. If things aren’t bad enough, Tracy has gone missing. With some clever digital stalking, HR finds Tracy and tells her that he believes in her.

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Cecile pays Joe a visit to see why he’s being standoffish with her. Instead of telling Cecile the truth, Joe lies and says they should stop seeing one another. This is totally a Barry Allen type move by the way. Right after Cecile leaves the house, the doorbell rings. When Joe answers, he finds Cecile in the arms of Killer Frost, who wants to make a trade of Cecile for Tracy.

This is where things get interesting. When Flash meets up with Killer Frost, she begins finishing his sentences. Savitar knows the Flash inside and out. In fact, she even knows that Cisco is hiding in the rafters waiting to spring a trap. This leads to a standoff between Killer Frost and Vibe, with Cisco coming out the winner. Savitar races in to save Killer Frost, saying, “My ascension is almost here. As I rise, you fall.”

#TeamFlash ponders how Savitar would know exactly how the future would play out. Tracy is able to develop her Speed Force trap. It revolves around Savitar’s suit, which he needs to contain his vibrational pattern. Joe finally comes clean to Cecile after her kidnapping and takes his wedding ring off to signal his moving on with her.

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for arrives. As the West Family is gathered together, Barry puts the clues together in his head regarding Savitar. He excuses himself and races off as the Flash to meet his foe. As they stand facing one another, Barry says Savitar knows everything about him because he lived it. Slowly, Savitar steps out of his armor to reveal a facially-scarred Barry Allen from the future.

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It all comes down to the last 10 minutes of The Flash when we learn who Savitar is. Future Flash was always my guess as to who Savitar really was, so I’m glad I was right. The clip for the next episode shows Barry telling #TeamFlash, so at least he won’t keep this information a secret. Now they must formulate a plan to stop Savitar at all costs.

Closing Thought

I was right!