Zendaya reiterates that she is not playing Mary Jane Watson


Zendaya is still trying to make it clear that she is not Mary Jane.

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One of the unique things about Spider-Man: Homecoming is that the film will feature re-imagined versions of classic characters like Liz Allan and Flash Thompson. One of the biggest mysteries surrounding this fresh take on the characters is the consistent rumor that Zendaya, who was announced to be playing a character named Michelle, is actually playing Mary Jane Watson. The actress has refuted this claim a number of times and is continuing to do so.

While speaking with MTV at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Zendaya reiterated that she is definitely Michelle, and that she is being completely honest about it:

"“My character is 100 percent Michelle. That’s her name. I promise you I’m not lying.”"

She also briefly mentioned how close she has become to the character:

"“She’s like my spirit animal. [She’s] how I feel on the inside.”"

As she has done before, she described the character as dry and awkward and also added that she is “weird and interesting and cool.” She also noted that “she says weird things at the wrong time.” In the past, she has also stressed that the character is not a love interest in the movie.

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Some still think that she is Mary Jane, but most are starting to believe that this isn’t the case. She likely is Michelle and definitely does not appear to be a love interest. Still, the popular theory that her middle name begins with a “J” and that people will call her “MJ” is probable. Also, Zendaya has stressed that she is not a love interest in this movie. Of course, this is pure speculation. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives in theaters on July 7, 2017.