Supergirl season 2, episode 21 synopsis: “Resist”


This week on Supergirl, Cat Grant returns in the wake of the Daxamite invasion.

Last week on Supergirl‘s “City of Lost Children” episode, Jimmy Olsen was the only person able to get through to a scared telekinetic alien boy. And the partnership between Rhea and Lena proved to be devastatingly fruitful.

The episode started with Jimmy Olsen’s Guardian rescuing a women being accosted by multiple muggers. But after the rescue, the victim showed more fear towards him than her attackers. Defeated and saddened by the public’s reaction to his image, Jimmy yearned to be a beacon of hope, like his best friend and idol, Superman.

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Jimmy’s chance would soon come in the form of a telekinetic alien boy named Marcus. After Marcus’s mother goes on an unprovoked attack, the DEO scrambled looking for her. Jimmy soon find Marcus, alone and scared. However, Marcus takes a liking towards Jimmy.

Meanwhile, Rhea and Lena started on their “joint” project to create a portal. When Lena hits a wall in her progress, Rhea acts as a supportive mentor, inspiring her to make key breakthroughs. It’s soon discovered that the device they’re building is the one causing all the telekinetic aliens to involuntarily attack their surroundings.

In a final showdown, Marcus, along with his species, unleash an attack when Rhea’s device activates. Jimmy is able to get through to Marcus, which, in turn, allows the other aliens to regain control.

At Lena’s research facility, Supergirl and Mon-El find Rhea, who finally reveals herself and her true plans. Mon-El also learns that his father has died, but not the full truth—that his mother murdered him. The final scenes show Rhea successfully allowing the Daxamites to pass through the portal and invade National City.

This week, Supergirl and the DEO must find a way to stave off Rhea and her people’s attempts to destroy Earth and create New Daxam. Here’s the official synopsis from The CW:


"CAT GRANT RETURNS – Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) grapples with whether or not to obey the President’s (guest star Lynda Carter) orders regarding Rhea’s (guest star Teri Hatcher) latest actions. Meanwhile, Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) returns to National City."

And, of course, the exciting promo:

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