Wonder Woman: Let’s talk Golden Globes before Oscars


With so much positive feedback for director Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and the entire Wonder Woman production, Oscar whispers have begun.

There is no shortage of praise for Wonder Woman, and now that the movie’s impressive opening weekend box office has definitively shattered records for female directors, the Oscar whispers have begun. However, superhero movies have never fared well at the Oscars, and that’s ok. In my opinion Wonder Woman seems more of a Golden Globes gal.

The Oscars have received a lot of criticism over the years, especially recent years, as women and people of color have been overlooked for major award categories. The diversity problem is improving with the steps the Academy has taken to make sure that the nominations are more representative, but the women issue is still present, with the biggest issue coming in the area of female directors. There are some members of the Academy who see Patty Jenkins earning an Oscar nod for her role as the film’s director. Others go so far as to hint at a Best Picture nomination, but that’s highly unlikely given the genre’s track record.

That’s why I see Wonder Woman doing exceptionally well at the Golden Globes. The Golden Globes have always been the fun awards show where the frontrunners aren’t always the ones to take home the prizes. Given their international voting base, Gal Gadot could have a very strong chance of winning Best Actress. Not only was her performance inspiring, but she plays the character with a full range of emotions that are palpable. Surely they’ll recognize her performance.

Sure, winning Oscars would be great, but everyone knows that the Academy, despite its best efforts to change, is stuck in the mud. The only time they deviated from their usual pattern was with the posthumous Best Actor award for Heath Ledger, whose incredible performance in 2008’s The Dark Knight practically guaranteed him a win.

Superhero films have traditionally been relegated to the technical award categories because of the post-production work they require. Wonder Woman will no doubt be nominated in those categories, but it’s possible that she could be in the big categories as well, and the best way to gauge its chances of winning is at the Golden Globes. A sweep at the Globes usually ensures that there will be at least a few wins at the Oscars.

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Wonder Woman isn’t done breaking records, so counting out a strong showing during awards season is premature. It would be shocking not to see Wonder Woman take home some trophies, and the only question is which ones the film ends up with. If ever there was a year for superhero films to break through into the major awards shows, this would be it.