Gotham and Lucifer to air on new days, times in the fall


With the season finales of Gotham and Lucifer in the bag, what will their new days and times mean for the Fox shows when they return in the fall?

As soon as Lucifer and Gotham bowed for their season finales, it was announced during their end credits that they would return in different time slots in the fall. Lucifer will take over Gotham’s 8pm slot on Mondays while Gotham is moving to Thursdays at 8pm. Will splitting the two shows up impact their success?

The biggest red flag for both shows is that they will both be going up against the NFL. Lucifer will have to contend with Monday Night Football while Gotham must face off against Thursday Night Football. While both shows have done well in the past battling Monday Night Football, the difference is that they used to face the giant together and now they’ll be separated and on their own. This could spell trouble for both of them, especially since they’re both at 8pm.

Both Lucifer and Gotham delivered powerful season finales that have people looking forward to their return in the fall. Lucifer’s ratings have been getting stronger, which helped the show earn a third season pickup back in February. However, it took a lot longer for Gotham to receive its fourth season renewal, and now the move to a new night would suggest that Fox executives are concerned that the show has never really picked up steam and has instead settled into a steady ratings pattern.

Now that Lucifer has his wings back, things will likely be very different in his life. Instead of killing his mother or sending her back to Hell, he found another way to contain her — he sent her into another dimension where she can create a world of her own. That might be the reason why his wings returned to him. Of course, he disappeared while leaving Chloe a message about wanting to reveal his true nature to her, and this is not the first time he has left her hanging. As usual, things never slow down for our beloved Devil.

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Gotham has set itself up nicely for a fourth season. Penguin has bested the Riddler, Ra’s Al Ghul has arrived in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne has stepped out as a vigilante, Selina and Tabitha are working on upward mobility, and Jim Gordon is back to doing what he does best — being a cop. There is so much potential for the show and a move to Thursday in the fall could bring a new audience for season four.

Will you be tuning in to Gotham and Lucifer this fall? Let us know in the comments section!