Amber Heard had an intense training regimen for Aquaman


Amber Heard is doing some serious work for her role in Aquaman!

Production for Aquaman is well underway in Australia, and the cast and crew are currently hard at work on principal photography. The shooting schedule is undoubtedly draining, but Amber Heard was putting in hard work before she even got in front of the camera.

Gunnar Peterson, Heard’s trainer recently spoke with People and discussed the strenuous training regimen that the actress put herself through:

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"She wanted to deliver for the character. [She trained] for a non-stop, no breaks hour with me, and then she went to her fight training, which was rigorous! Everything was athletically based. We trained movements, not muscles. Squat presses, sled work, and lots of work in a rotational plane against resistance. She is a true athlete. She was so consistent. Without her being so committed, the results would not have happened. She could not have been better! If I could bottle her drive and conviction, I’d sell that as a pre-workout drink!"

You have to applaud her commitment. Mera is poised to have a large role in the film, and it’s clear that Heard wanted to be in top form to bring the character to life. Anyone who follows her on social media knows that she has been updating fans on her progress.

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We still don’t know how exactly Mera gets in on the action, but with three villains looking to challenge the King of Atlantis in his first solo outing, she’s sure to get a lot of it.

Aquaman arrives in theaters on December 21, 2018.