Is Marvel going to kill the Mighty Thor in Marvel Legacy?


On a day when Marvel promised to reveal what was coming in Marvel Legacy, the only real news was the possible death of the Mighty Thor.

On Friday Marvel Comics promised to take the wraps off their new Marvel Legacy initiative, their version of DC’s very popular Rebirth rebrand/relaunch. The publisher has had great success combining their illustrious past with a nod towards the future, and fans have responded by giving DC’s sales a serious shot in the arm.

Not to be outdone, Marvel promised to change the comic book industry as we know it and embrace their past as well with Legacy. Original versions of beloved characters would return while newer version would remain.

Think Miles Morales and Peter Parker hanging out or Riri Williams and Tony Stark talking shop.

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And Friday was supposed to be the day we all learned exactly what Marvel meant.

But instead of something that would change the industry, we got a series of cover reveals spread out over several websites throughout the day. And they weren’t even new covers. They were classic Marvel covers repurposed for the titles Marvel will publish as part of Marvel Legacy. And most of those titles are the same ongoings they are already publishing, just renumbered with Marvel fuzzy math.

Talk about a letdown.

I won’t bore you by showing all the covers here. Bleeding Cool has done a great job putting them all in one place, so if you want to be disappointed, head over there and check them all out.

That all said, there was one little bit of information that may grab your interest. That being the fact that Marvel may be killing off one of the most popular legacy characters they have created over the last few years.

Check out the image for yourself.

That’s right. The Mighty Thor has been combined with the classic Jim Starlin Death of Captain Marvel cover. At first glance, it seems that Marvel may be considering killing off Jane Foster, aka the Mighty Thor.

Foster’s Thor has been one of the very few hits Marvel has come up with in recent years. She has proven immensely popular with readers as writer Jason Aaron has been crafting a complicated, deep storyline over the course of several titles since he started writing the adventures of the original version of the character in 2012.

Would Marvel really consider killing her off as a way to give the Odinson his hammer back? Or is this just a ruse to get fans talking?

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It seems highly unlikely Aaron or Marvel would want to kill Foster. The backlash would be nothing the publisher would want to deal with and it would rob fans of one of the few female heroes in comics who has actually managed to break through and win a devoted readership, male or female.

I guess we’ll all begin to find out the answer when Marvel Legacy launches this fall.