Power Rangers sequel could still be on the way from Lionsgate


The new Power Rangers franchise may continue, despite a disappointing box office performance.

Power Rangers sequel is not dead yet. It appears talks between Lionsgate and producer Haim Saban are still ongoing.

After a disappointing box office performance, plans for a potential franchise appeared to be doomed. Power Rangers grossed just over $140 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of $100 million.

However, a sequel could still be coming, according to Dean Israelite, the director of the first film.  In an interview with ScreenRant, Israelite noted that a sequel isn’t impossible:

"I hope so. It’s obviously not up to me, but I know the studio (Lionsgate) and Saban are talking in earnest about it, and are trying to push forward. They’re having a discussion."

This is encouraging news for fans of the franchise, although it hardly guarantees that we will see a continuation on the big screen. Still, the fact that discussions haven’t completely stopped is a sign that the franchise could be back soon.

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Toys and Ratings

Other factors other than the first film’s box office performance could help get another film off the ground. Merchandise sales and a second film that targets a broader audience could be key.

Toy sales may help make up for the disappointment at the box office. According to Den of Geek, a massive increase in toy sales around the release of Power Rangers could make a sequel much more likely. While the films should be more than a toy commercial, most fans wouldn’t complain about more feature films.

Israelite also recently told ScreenRant that the PG-13 rating of the first film might have turned certain audiences away. He feels as though a sequel that is rated PG could help convince parents that their kids are safe to see it.

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While it’s no sure thing, it’s nice to know that a Power Rangers  sequel is still possible. The first film wasn’t a massive blockbuster, but it certainly had fans. Many would like to see the franchise continue with the current team assembled.

Power Rangers is now available on home media and digital services.