The Dark Knight trilogy getting a 4k treatment


Christopher Nolan is remastering his Dark Knight trilogy and releasing it in 4k.

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Who says Christopher Nolan is a Luddite? Yes, the man may be against modern methods of how movies are made (he tries his best to limit CGI), but there is a method to his madness. Okay, maybe “madness” is too strong a word. He feels that film is still the superior medium for storytelling. And maybe that’s the reason behind his plans to re-release the Dark Knight trilogy in 4k.

Nolan feels technology hasn’t yet caught up to the almost infinite resolution of film. However, with the advent of 4k, Nolan believes it can somewhat duplicate the experience of film in a theater setting. In an interview with, Nolan gives everyone a short lesson on film science and talks about the resolution potential of IMAX — his preferred film format:

Wow, 18k for IMAX! Seeing how fast technology is developing, it’s very safe to say we may get another “remaster” of the Dark Knight trilogy within a decade. It’ll be very interesting to see how Nolan will take advantage (in his own old-fashioned way) of these new developments.

Director Christopher Nolan shot to fame with the noir film Memento (2000). In 2005, Nolan reintroduced the world to Batman — a franchise thought to be dead after the debacle known as Batman & Robin (1997). Batman Begins (2005) would be the first in Nolan’s take on the iconic DC superhero.

Though the first film was released to very positive reviews, it would pale in comparison to its sequel — The Dark Knight (2008). The film became not only the greatest superhero film, but one of the greatest films of all time. Heath Ledger, who tragically died after production, would win a posthumous Oscar for his haunting portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime — the Joker.

Nolan capped off his trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Till this day, the trilogy is held in high regard as a seminal work of storytelling and film achievement. It is now considered to be in the echelons of such greats as The Godfather series.

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A planned finish date and release schedule for the remastered edition of The Dark Knight trilogy is currently unknown. However, Nolan is personally overseeing the effort.