Amazing Spider-Man going back to basics in Marvel Legacy


As part of Marvel Legacy, Dan Slott is taking Peter Parker and the Amazing Spider-Man back to their roots and promising a big payoff.

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One of the few titles that has actually gained in popularity over the years while most of Marvel’s titles have floundered has been Amazing Spider-Man. While Marvel was introducing a female Thor, two Captain Americas and an endless string of super-mega crossover events, Peter Parker continued on his merry way.

That isn’t to say that writer Dan Slott has just been phoning it in the last few years. Since Secret Wars both Peter and Spidey have gone through some huge changes, including the creation of Parker Industries, the return of a much more sinister Green Goblin and the rebirth of Ben Riley.

Now thanks to Entertainment Weekly we know that in Marvel Legacy, Amazing Spider-Man will not only return to it’s original numbering, but will also be returning to a more classic status quo in the process.

The new storyline, titled “The Fall of Parker” will see Peter lose his company and his considerable wealth as he once again becomes the underdog and hard-luck hero older readers will no doubt remember.

Slott and artist Stuart Immonen are also promising that for fans who have been reading since Slott took over writing the title solo with “Big Time” will get a culmination of everything he has been trying to accomplish and a well deserved payoff. He told EW:

"This is a Peter Parker who’s had it all, lost it all, and now has to find his place in the world again. It’s a return to the scrappy underdog status that’s the Peter Parker we all know and love. We’re going to see a return to form, with old friends coming back onto the stage, some in all-new ways. It’s all been leading to this — from Big Time, to Superior, through Spider-Verse, and the Parker Industries era. It’s been a crazy ride, but now that we’re here, we’re going to get a Peter/Spider-Man that’s closer to a core Spidey than we’ve had in years. Everything counts. Payoffs for longtime readers are coming, but the Marvel Legacy of it all will also make this a great jump on point for new readers — or people who’ve just discovered Spider-Man in Homecoming."

Cover of Amazing Spider-Man #789 (Photo credit: Marvel Comics)

I will say that for me, this is indeed welcome news. While the “Peter Parker: Tech Billionaire” stories with all the cool spider gadgets were fun, after a while it got tiresome. In addition to Amazing Spider-Man feeling more like a lite version of Iron Man, the title seems to be one endless string of big events. Spider-Verse, Ends of the Earth, Dead No More, one right after another. And each time Slott screaming on his Twitter account that “This one will change EVERYTHING!”


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Rumors have been circulating that Slott’s time on Amazing Spider-Man may be coming to an end and that Nick Spencer will be taking over at some point, probably with the upcoming eight-hundredth issue. If that is indeed the case, that’s just fine with me. And if Marvel Legacy and “The Fall of Parker” are the beginning of the end for Slott, it’s great he can finish the story he wanted to tell.

Amazing Spider-Man #789 goes on sale this October.