Her Cape Guide to SDCC #82: The Con Suite


Her Cape 100 Things to Know About SDCC continues with #82: The best place to hang out when you need a break from SDCC.

Knowing where you can take a break from the San Diego Comic Con madness is invaluable. There are only so many places for people to sit inside the San Diego Convention Center, many of which are taken early and never open up. One of my favorite places to hang out during SDCC is the Con Suite.

The Con Suite, also known as the Hospitality Suite (or, in a nod to Star Trek: The Next Generation, it is known as Ten Forward during Wonder Con, complete with a Guinan cosplayer) is your best kept secret during SDCC. Located in the Marriott and open late Thursday through Saturday, the Con Suite is a place to enjoy free soda, snacks, and candy while sitting in a nice air conditioned room.

The volunteers who staff the Con Suite are great resources because many of them have been volunteering at SDCC for years so they know the ins and outs of the convention. You can stay as long as you like, but you cannot remove food and drink from the room. (This is mainly due to the fact that the gaming pavilions are located next door, so the folks at SDCC are trying to keep food and drink from migrating to the game areas)

There are a few outlets in the room so you might be able to charge up a phone while you wait (Expert Tip: Bring an extension cord so you can plug in more than one device into a single plug)

It might sound crazy, but in the middle of a long day at SDCC there is nothing as refreshing as a soda (Yay caffeine!) and Ruffles chips with either ranch dip or onion dip. And candy. Candy is good.

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Check your SDCC Program Guide for the Con Suite’s hours of operation. Keep in mind you must have your badge with you when you visit, and the Con Suite is closed all day Sunday. And be sure to thank the volunteers who staff the room. They work hard to give you a nice break, so treat them well while you’re there and you just might get an extra scoop of M&Ms.