Her Cape Guide to SDCC #83: You can’t do it all


Her Cape 100 Things to Know About SDCC continues with #83: How to avoid feeling overwhelmed by all of the things happening at the same time.

With less than a week before the madness begins at San Diego Comic Con, the announcements about special events and offsite experiences are rolling in. If you’re like me, it’s hard to figure out how to pick and choose between them all. And if, like me, you start to feel overwhelmed by the process, remember this one piece of advice: You can’t be everywhere at once.

OK, so maybe Wally West could navigate all of the events during SDCC, but unless you’ve got a time machine or are able to be in multiple places at once, the fact is that you likely won’t see everything.

There will be sacrifices and tough decisions ahead.

I know. It stinks. But accepting this now makes it easier than realizing it when you arrive.

When it comes to the convention, you may be forced to choose between panels, signings and merchandise. If you’re looking to see a big panel, get an autograph, or buy exclusive merchandise, expect to wait in a line. Lines are everything. That means you need to decide what’s more important.

Outside SDCC is a whole other beast. We’ve talked before about offsite events, and this year more and more offsite events are limited to badgeholders, which is helpful because the Gaslamp Quarter will be filled with curious onlookers hoping to get in on the SDCC action without badges. There’s also the issue of distance. You would need at least a day to get back and forth between the offside events, which includes time spent waiting in line. Those lines can be brutal so you might even need more than a day.

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With that in mind, it’s easiest to start ranking your priorities. Have a Plan B, C and D. Probably an E, F and G, too. SDCC can be overwhelming, but if you plan to go where the Con leads you, you’ll still have an amazing time.