Preview: Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #1


Marvel Comics has released a preview of the latest Wade Wilson team-up adventure to hit store shelves, Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan.

When I picked up my copy of New Mutants #98 way back in 1991, I had no clue that over 25 years later Deadpool would prove to be the most popular characters Marvel had created since Wolverine. In the years since, he has starred in his own series, countless miniseries, been a supporting player in various X-Men and Avengers titles and headlined his very own blockbuster film.

In addition to all that, he has also managed to keep his co-creator Rob Liefeld relevant in the world of comics, which is no easy feat.

As part of Marvel Legacy, Wade Wilson will see his ongoing series renamed The Despicable Deadpool and renumbered to #287. The fact that there have been 287 Deadpool comics over the years is enough to give me pause, but that’s not even the tip of the iceberg when you think about it.

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Marvel seems determined to team Deadpool up with just about every character in the Marvel Universe. He has co-starred with everyone from Gambit to Hawkeye to The Punisher to even Thanos. And they must sell well because it would appear Marvel has no plan to stop anytime soon.

This can be evidenced by Marvel’s announcement that Deadpool will next team up with Old Man Logan this October.

Written by Declan Shalvey with artwork by Mike Henderson, Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan will be a five-issue miniseries that will see Wade Wilson and the older version of Wolverine get together for a buddy comedy that will include lots of stuff blowing up.

In the Marvel announcement, Shalvey talks about the book

"“DEADPOOL vs. OLD MAN LOGAN is has everything I’ve wanted to see in either a Deadpool book, or a Wolverine book. We get to see both characters be the best at what they do, while also getting to see them be the classic odd-couple. Both characters naturally bump heads against each other, which is a lot of fun to write. I’ve been so fortunate to have Heather Antos edit this book. It’s been a dream working on it, she’s done everything she could to make this book what I want it to be, and a great working experience to boot.“Importantly, the book features Old Man Logan though, not Wolverine. That character has a different kind of baggage than old-school Logan, which makes him relate to Wade Wilson more than one might think. The characters have a lot in common, so having a book featuring both really makes sense, but they are clearly very different personalities, that’s been a great thing to play with.”"

From the Marvel solicitation:

"James “Logan” Howlett is after a newly discovered Omega-level mutant. But if you think he’s going to let Deadpool help him, you’re sorely mistaken. Naturally, Deadpool vows to outmatch his newly marked enemy for the entirety of their mission. Will they find common ground with each other along the way?"

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Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #1 will go on sale October 18 and will include a cover by Shalvey as well as variants by Ron Lim and Rafael Albuquerque.