SDCC 2017: Grant Morrison announces pair of high profile sequels


At San Diego Comic-Con, Grant Morrison announced sequels are on the way for both Wonder Woman: Earth One and Arkham Asylum.

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 has barely gotten underway and already fans are reeling from huge news coming out of the show.

The latest came out of the “Meet the DC Publishers” panel with Jim Lee and Dan DiDio. It is being reported by Newsarama that it was revealed Grant Morrison has a pair of projects in the pipeline, both sequels to two of the writer’s most enduring, popular works.

First is a sequel to Wonder Woman: Earth One which will see Morrison reunite with original artist Yanick Paquette for what the writer is calling “the story’s Empire Strikes Back.” To me, that would seem to indicate that Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume 2 will be the second of a trilogy.

The sequel will feature the Nazis attempting to invade Paradise Island and being led by Paula Von Gunter, who Morrison calls a “Nazi superwoman.” He is promising a battle on a scale you won’t believe and an Amazon army the likes of which no one has ever seen before.

And in what can only be called some of the most unexpected news to come out of the show, the other project is a sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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Arkham Asylum is one of Morrison’s definitive works and the book many consider the one that transformed him from curiosity to comic book superstar. Published in 1989, it saw Batman go deep into Arkham, confronting many of his rogue’s gallery and showing them in a new and twisted light. It is a scary, psychological tale that can be read multiple times and you can still discover new elements of the story.

A sequel never really seemed like a possibility or even really necessary.

But in what Morrison is calling his “jump the shark” moment, a sequel is just what fans are going to get. Replacing Dave McKean on art for the follow-up is Morrison’s Batman Inc. collaborator Chris Burnham.

The project will take place in the continuity Morrison established in Batman #666, which features an adult Daiman Wayne as the Batman in a dark, gritty future.

Right now it isn’t know how it will tie into the original Arkham Asylum or if it will be a direct sequel or something more thematic.

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Currently there is no release date for either project, but as soon as that changes, we here at Bam Smack Pow will let you know.