SDCC 2017: New extended trailer for Justice League debuts


At San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. premiered a new extended trailer for the upcoming Justice League film. And it is awesome.

This time last year at San Diego Comic-Con, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had hit theaters and while it made a whole lot of money for Warner Bros., it left many moviegoers cold. But worse still, fans were opening debating whether the fledgling DC Extended Universe was even worth saving.

Criticism of the film ran the gamut from that it was too dark in tone to the direction by Zack Snyder was bad to the fact the special effects that brought Doomsday to life were lame.

It was not the reaction Warner Bros. or DC wanted for the film that was supposed to launch the DC Cinematic Universe.

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So when Comic-Con 2016 rolled around, Warner Bros. pulled out all the stops. This included a very early look at Justice League, something no one was even expecting. The trailer focused on Aquaman and the Flash and was a huge hit with just about everyone. If nothing else, it showed that maybe Warner Bros. had listened to the criticism of Dawn of Justice and Justice League would be a better movie.

Well, this year at SDCC Warner Bros. showed up with an all new trailer for the highly anticipated film. It’s over four minutes long and gives a much better idea of what the movie will be about. The trailer is full of action and fun and is just about everything anyone could ever want in a Justice League movie.

A couple things that I really liked:

  • During the Steppenwolf narration, he clearly mentions says “No Corps.” This is obviously a reference to the Green Lantern Corps, which is a nice touch.
  • I’ll bet $10 right now that the person Alfred is talking to at the end of the trailer is Superman. Any takers?
  • Aquaman as portrayed by Jason Momoa could be the biggest badass comic book movies has ever seen. Seriously.
  • Obviously the Flash will be providing the comic relief for Justice League, which is a nice change of pace from how the character is usually portrayed in the comic books.
  • I’m still not a fan of the way Cyborg looks. To my eye, he just looks like a reject from a Michael Bay Transformers film.
  • More Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in never a bad thing.

I’ve watched the trailer at least a dozen times and I have to say, between this and how amazing Wonder Woman was, I have a real renewed sense of anticipation about the DCEU. It seems like the studio has made a real effort to leave the dark and grim elements of the previous entires behind and instead make a fun superhero film filled with hope and spectacle.

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Honestly, I haven’t been this excited for a movie since I saw the first trailer for Avengers.

Justice League hits theaters everywhere on November 17, 2017.