Legendary DC artists share their war stories to fans


Legendary DC artists Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, John Romita, Jr., Amanda Conner, Andy Kubert and Tony S. Daniel share their stories from the trenches.

Let’s face it, waking up early in the morning is hard. And it doesn’t matter if it’s for something as exciting as San Diego Comic-Con. However, there are ways to make it more bearable — which is what DC was able to do.

At SDCC 2017, DC held an early morning “master class” roundtable with legendary comic artists Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, John Romita, Jr. Amanda Conner, Andy Kubert and Tony S. Daniel. As the six sketched, they also shared various stories — breaking in to the industry, challenges, self-doubts, etc.

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Watching the interactive panoramic video, you’ll find them to be laughing and joking about their own personal obstacles. However, you can tell each and every one went through a bit of heartbreak early on in their careers. The takeaway: getting into comics is hard work — be prepared to get more negative feedback than positive.

As stressful as their stories are, you can tell that these guys … and gals (as Andy Kubert quickly corrected) made it because they had not only talent, but the tenacity to keep going. With a positive mindset, each artist turned critiques of their work into learning opportunities. They corrected their mistakes and strove for self-improvement. Check out the video for their very enlightening conversation:

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Above all, every artist at this table was a fan to begin with. Their passion and love of comics were and still are the fuel driving them to continue in this industry. They are the living embodiment of the age-old adage “you gotta love what you do.”