Young Justice creators talk about the story and main villain of season three


The Young Justice showrunners give a small taste of what to expect from Season 3’s story and bad guy.

Young Justice: Outsiders details are steadily being revealed. So far, we know it will focus on metahuman trafficking and introduce fans to a few new characters. Creators Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti have now provided some additional information regarding two key elements of the new season.

Weisman and Vietti caught up with DC All Access to talk about the show, and Vietti explained that making metahuman trafficking the central conflict seemed natural:

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"“As we explored a lot of themes in our first season of genetic experimentation with the creation of Superboy, we saw genetic experimentation and create a super powered being that could become a weapon. Our second season we had aliens coming from outer space kinda doing pretty much the same thing, and so, as we’ve already kind of revealed about our third season, metahuman trafficking, it will be the issue for our heroes to deal with. We feel like that is the next logical step in the story from our first two seasons.”"

Weisman also revealed that Vandal Savage will likely still serve as the main antagonist this time around:

"“You know, The Light is always our big bad, and Vandal Savage. They’re all partners in The Light, but Vandal’s sort of the de facto leader. So, Vandal is kind of always our big bad.”"

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When you think about the story, in terms of Vietti’s explanation, it does make sense. So far, each season has dealt with the exploitation and manipulation of superheroes in some form, and tackling metahuman trafficking would only continue that trend.

It’s also not shocking that Vandal Savage will be the main villain. During previous seasons, he was definitely the foe who consistently posed a threat to the heroes. And, of course, there is the matter of that little deal he made with Darkseid in the closing moments of Season 2’s finale.

Young Justice: Outsiders hits DC’s digital service in 2018.