Funko Marvel Collector Corps: August 2017 “First Appearance Avengers” unboxing

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The Details!

Collector Corps “First Appearance Avengers” Patch and Pin

The Captain America patch is stunning, to say the least. I love how the character steps out from the background, adding quite a bit of movement and interest. The colors are also highly vibrant. It’s a very classic look for the First Avenger. Well done, Funko!

The pin pays homage to the classic Nick Fury, who has been retconned as Nick Fury, Sr. — the father of the current African-American Nick Fury, who is now known as Nick Fury, Jr. Why do I always think of David Hasselhoff when I see white Nick Fury? Oh, maybe it has to do with this:

Collector Corps “First Appearance Avengers” Packing Slip

The packing slip shows the design of the Vision and Iron Man Pop!s from concept to final sculpt. As you can see from the brief walkthrough, every detail was meticulously pondered over — from Vision’s eyes to Iron Man’s gauntlets and arc reactor.

The back of the packing slip shows the next offering in the Collector Corps line — Thor: Ragnarok! Is it that much of a surprise? With the amount of films the MCU is pumping out these days, Funko may need to have two different subscription boxes for Marvel — one dedicated to the comics and one dedicated to the MCU.

Collector Corps “The Incredible Hulk #1″ T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Funko totally “smashes” it (yes, I’m full of puns) with this Incredible Hulk t-shirt. The image is a “Pop!-ified” homage to The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962). The design and colors beautifully stand out, especially against the t-shirt’s dark navy blue.

Collector Corps “Vision (Avengers #57)” Pop! Figure

The Vision (Avengers #57) Pop! captures the essence of the character’s first appearance — colorful and dynamic. One of the best features with this figure is the cape. The bright yellow accessory is sculpted to convey a sense of motion. The shades of maroon, green and yellow are a perfect match with his comic book counterpart. This is a truly excellent piece.

Collector Corps “Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #39)” Pop! Figure

The Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #39) Pop! perfectly captures the Iron Man Armor Model 1 suit that made its debut with Tony Stark. The metallic paint finish also adds to the overall ambiance of the suit. What I was most impressed with were the hand poses. If you notice from the comic cover (seen on the box’s back), Iron Man’s fingers are articulated in certain way. Funko captured that small detail which really brought the figure to life.