Doomsday Clock: DC gives a first look at the lenticular cover


DC Comics gives fans a first look at the lenticular cover for Doomsday Clock #1.

A little over a week ago, Geoff Johns and DC Comics gave us a first look at two cover variants for Doomsday Clock #1. A third lenticular cover was teased, but it didn’t show the actual art in action — which is the whole purpose of lenticular covers.

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Today, DC Comics gives us a complete first look at this new cover. From the original static art, we knew Rorschach would be involved in some shape (pun intended) or form. With this animated preview, we can confirm the Watchmen character is definitely part of the storyline.

The previous two covers showed some interesting scenes: one with angry protesters declaring the end of the world; and another with Superman being deconstructed. It’s still a mystery as to what the story will be about. However, with Doctor Manhattan in the background of the “Superman” cover, you can bet the powerful, reality manipulating character will be a main figure in this continuing saga.

Image Courtesy of DC Comics

Doomsday Clock will be one of DC’s biggest events since Crisis on Infinite Earths — which is responsible for DC fans discerning the incarnations of their favorite characters as “pre-Crisis” or “post-Crisis.” We’ll just have to wait and see if this upcoming 12-issue maxiseries will have the same cultural effect.

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Doomsday Clock #1 will be released sometime in November 2017. It will be written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank, with colors by Brad Anderson.