The Flash: 3 best Funko POP figures to buy

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2. The Flash Unmasked – 2015 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive

For the final Flash Funko POP to buy, let’s look at The Flash TV show. This one is for Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, the role he’s played since the program’s debut in 2014.

Unmasked versions of superheroes tend to be pricey, as noted with Ezra Miller’s unmasked Flash. For this one, however, expect to pay nearly $60 more.

There is an unmasked version of Barry’s Flash from the TV show. Pop Price Guide has its value at $80, so it’s not a figure that anyone will easily drop their money for. However, it’s an exclusive from the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, so the value gets boosted, as well as its popularity since the SDCC is always the biggest comic book convention of the year.

If you’re looking to finish off a collection of The Flash Funko POP figures, this may be the proper coup de grace. It’s one of the highest-priced Flash figures (except the Conan Flash), while around eight basic POP collectibles can be had for the same price.

While it’s expensive, The Flash Unmasked from the TV show is one of the rarest available and one to top your collection off with. So, if you get the basic versions of The Flash and snag a few of the more expensive figures, then try to save some money and add Barry Allen to your showcase.