The Flash: 3 best Funko POP figures to buy

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1. Jay Garrick – Legion of Collectors exclusive

The next Funko POP dedicated to The Flash is Jay Garrick. This was the first person to don the red suit in the comics and protect Central City. Garrick debuted in 1940 and lasted all the way to 1985, before he was written out of the comics.

For those that want to collect the Garrick Funko POP, it’s one of the most valuable Flash-dedicated ones available. It’s also exclusive to the Legion of Collectors, so the price is higher than the basic Funko POP. Pop Price Guide has the Legions of Collectors-exclusive Garrick valued at $29.

The Original Speedster hit the small screen in season 2 of The Flash. John Wesely Shipp, who played The Flash in the early 1990’s version of the show, properly took the mantle of Jay Garrick. He was revealed as this after Team Flash defeated Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, who originally made it look like he was version comic book fans remembered.

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Garrick’s legacy will remain throughout The Flash comics and the TV show, which will still have Shipp reprise the role in season 4. For nearly $30, you can celebrate him, too, and add this Funko POP to your collection. It’s one of the top POPs available for The Flash and something worth buying.