‘Flower Spider-Man’ saves the day


There was a “Flower Spider-Man” that made its way through the news,

If you’re reading this, you likely know who Spider-Man is. You have likely either read a comic, played a game, or watched TV or a movie. We also know that Spider-Man isn’t real. October is a good time to see people walking around in Spider-Man costumes.

However, in Phetburi, Thailand, we had an incident where a motorcyclist was left in the middle of the street after getting injured in an accident. There was a man who ran across the street to save that motorcyclist.

This man, Wasan Ketsuwan, was known for selling flowers. He also happened to be wearing a Spider-Man costume. He was already known as “Flower Spider-Man” and he lived up to the hype.

Our hero was wearing his outfit, and saw the events, and ran out to save the day. What’s interesting is that he was wearing the costume for marketing, and boy, it doesn’t get much better than this. Yes, since he had history with the costume before this incident, one has to wonder if Ketsuwan has done this before and we just didn’t have it recorded. Now that would be interesting.

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How often do you see “real heroes”? You know, it makes me want to sit on a bench somewhere with my camera phone just waiting…for something…anything. Ketsuwan has a really nice looking costume, by the way. Oh yeah, he was running around flowers in hand and all.

Flower Spider-Man doesn’t seem all that catchy, to be honest. I think we need a better name. But, hey, at least it lets you know exactly what he’s about. I hope he loves the costume because he’ll never be able to take that thing off. What’s he gonna do; be “Flower Batman”? Yeah, right.

We don’t know about the extent of the injuries the motorcyclist had. I would imagine he’s alright though; otherwise we probably would’ve heard about something bad…right? Sure.

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I’d like to think Ketsuwan would’ve done that rescue out of costume, too. This reminds me of what Tony Spark said to Spider-Man in Spider-Man Homecoming. I’m paraphrasing here, but, Tony essentially said that the suit doesn’t make the hero. So, ya know, be sure to be happy about the guy in the mask.

Make sure you follow the link to this story for the video of all of it happening.