Marvel Netflix shows after The Defenders, ranked

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4. The Defenders

No. 4 goes to the most recent show, The Defenders. It debuted in August 2017 after plenty of hype and brought together the core stars of Marvel’s Netflix shows.

The Defenders had its ups and downs, but was hardly a bad show. It’s difficult to compare against most of what Marvel already put out, since the shows were all solid and drew praise.

This show marked the end of the Hand, who was seen in Daredevil season 2 and Iron Fist. It put a strong leader at the forefront, Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra, and Elodie Yung’s Elektra. They brought more validity to this group, so the viewer could take them as a bigger threat, rather than the other Fingers of the Hand that underwhelmed at times.

Banter between Matthew Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand was also fun, as well as the fighting scenes. The latter drew you in, especially during the big final fight scene in episode eight.

Problems centered around the villains, as the Hand never struck a cord as a dangerous and interesting threat to New York City. The placement of Iron Fist as the focus of four Defenders, who also had the weakest acting performance of the group, didn’t help, either.

It’s unknown if there will be a season 2 of The Defenders. This looked like a one-off show, but if Marvel’s Netflix shows continue to succeed, maybe there will be more down the line.