The Top 10 comic books for 2017

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Fifty-two weeks and hundreds of reviews. What comic books earn top marks, or scorn, for 2017?

Welcome to the second annual top ten comic book list! This is the time of year when everyone makes a list about something or other. Whether it’s resolutions, alimony payments, or belated gifts, top ten lists and the end of December go together like bows on presents. And I’ve made my own list of comic books and checked it twice! It’s time to see which comics were naughty or nice!

Much like the top ten list for 2016, all comic books will be listed in alphabetical order. This is done for two reasons. Firstly, it avoids the trouble of having to further judge and compare the best of the best, as they’re all comic books that were worth reading. Secondly, it keeps the list from being too predictable. Let’s face it, it seems like some of the same titles always make it to top ten’s, especially at number one.

The list shall begin with an honorable mention. This will be a comic book which was still great but missed the top ten by “that much.” After that, the top ten list will properly begin, followed by a “dud of the year.” Finally, this year will feature a “random moment,” which will be a moment in a comic I felt was unforgettable (even if the series was).