Top 10 Comic Books For 2016

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It’s that time of the year! See what comic books were the best of the lot for 2016!

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As we all wait for the ball to drop and the year to end, it’s the season for many things. Regrets, refunds, hangovers, debit cards, and so forth. Yet it’s also the season for reflection, family, and focus. It’s also the time of year when anyone near a keyboard makes a top ten list about stuff they liked. I’m no exception. I read a lot of comic books over twelve months, and it’s time to pick the cream of the crop from 2016!

For the sake of simplicity, I list all entrants into this list in alphabetical order. Often times the same books tend to take the top spots for many of these lists, and that gets dull. It also prevents me from having to make tough picks (like which book is #7 or #6). In addition, there will be five honorable mentions. These are books which were pretty spiffy, but just didn’t hack it to the top ten for various reasons. If this feels like a cop out, consider this a top fifteen list then, you stickler.