Ant-Man review: How does it impact Infinity War?

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How does it impact Infinity War?

A new dimension

It might not seem that Ant-Man does affect Infinity War at first glance, but actually, it could. The film literally introduces a new dimension to the MCU with the reveal of the Quantum Realm. Before Doctor Strange brought us alternate dimensions and magic, Ant-Man showed us a world below the subatomic.

The suit is designed with a regulator to prevent Ant-Man from shrinking too much. Eventually, there would come a point when he would continue to get smaller and smaller and would be unable to return to his normal size. This would be when he entered the Quantum Realm.

We do know that Scott manages to find a way to return to normal size after entering the Realm, so it’s possible that this will feature heavily in Ant-Man and The Wasp. Hank Pym desperately wants to find his wife, Janet, after she went subatomic, so further research on the Realm could take place in the sequel.

But as far as Infinity War goes, the fact that The Ancient One sends Stephen Strange through the Quantum Realm can be no coincidence. Clearly, there’s more than just science involved in this plane of existence and it could prove vital in the battle against Thanos.

Ant-Man and the Avengers

Captain America: Civil War gave us a delightful insight into how Scott Lang would interact with the other Avengers. His turn in the film was one of the highlights and his rapport with the Falcon was excellent after their encounter in Ant-Man.

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The Giant-Man reveal was also something truly remarkable and seeing how the other Avengers reacted to his powers was fantastic. Surely, we’ll get more interactions like that in Infinity War.

So, that’s it. Go and check out Ant-Man if you haven’t seen it yet. Next up in our series of reviews we’ll look at a film featuring a small fight in an airport…