DCEU: Ranking the 13 greatest live-action superheroes

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11. Spartan

John Diggle a was former military man who became the driver and bodyguard of Oliver Queen. He quickly uncovered the secret identity of his employer to be Green Arrow and opted to watch his back on missions. However, it wouldn’t be long until Diggle would get the itch to fight crime himself. After some rigorous training with Oliver himself, Diggle would help his former employer fight the bad guys of Star City. His immense skills and will go defend the city warranted him to become a hero of his own, Spartan.

The evolution of Jon Diggle is an amazing one, but he makes the list because he’s shown that he can fight crime as good as anyone. He’s an exceptionally skilled fighter whose capable of taking down multiple bad guys with brute, skills, and intellect. When Oliver stepped down as Green Arrow it was John who took over, which is why he makes the list.

10. Black Lightning

The CW has found (Black) lightning in a bottle with their new show which stars Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce. The electrically charged hero known as Black Lightning (Pierce) is a powerful seasoned vet who spent years protecting his city, Freeland. The 100 is a group of drug dealing gangsters who are looking to destroy what he spent years protecting — that was until his retirement just under a decade ago. However, the former hero turned principle of Garfield High was forced to once again become Freeland’s hero when his daughters became a target. Now, officially un-retired, Black Lightning uses his powers in an effort to once again clean up his city. Black Lightning absorbs electrical currents and uses it to his advantage. Pierce is also skilled in combat and is an Olympic gold medalist with superhuman abilities including regeneration capabilities. With no other hero currently able to do what he can in the manner in which he can.