Injustice 2: The best DLC characters, ranked

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7. Enchantress

This character is unique compared to others in the game. Her greatest strength lies in her defense, she has several moves and abilities that act more as counter-attacks than standard attacks. Enemies that fire projectiles are at risk because Enchantress can deflect them, and then fire them back with more force. What’s great is that her signature attacks don’t really come from her fists like other characters, they come from portals, green projectiles, etc. This is beneficial because opponents won’t see it coming and won’t have enough time to guard or protect themselves.

The only problem with all of these fantastic attacks is that they are kind of difficult to pull off in a tense battle. The flashy moves are based on combos and complex button combinations that are easy to mess up as you are avoiding getting hit. But it completely makes sense because then she would be the most dominant fighter in the entire game. When those moves land they are devastating and very challenging to beat if you are on the other side. You’ll find yourself coming back to this character just for fun.