Injustice 2: The best DLC characters, ranked

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6. Raiden/Black Lightning

One of the most popular characters from the Mortal Combat franchise enters the DC Universe to kick some butt. With his super strength and lighting attacks, his power is unmatched in this game. Raiden has a lot of flare in this game and is a perfect fit when facing off against foes like Black Adam, Aquaman and other enhanced individuals. He’s quick, fierce and tenacious during gameplay and will definitely offer some exciting moments during the fight.

A fun bonus about this character is it includes another playable skin. When it’s equipped, players can choose Black Lighting, a DC Comics superhero with the same move set. It’s a clever way to include this character, who recently had a resurgence with a television series on CW. There are no complaints with this character, it’s just somehow the remaining DLC characters are just a little bit better, but there’s no reason not to love Raiden in this video game.