Injustice 2: The best DLC characters, ranked

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2. Star Fire

This character was the original favorite when only a few DLC characters were available, but make no mistake, she’s still a great character in this game. Starfire was also one of my favorite characters from the animated series Teen Titans, not the new one. Not only was she kind-hearted and polite, but she’s an incredibly powerful being and fighter in the DC Universe. She can fly through the air and fire green energy blasts from her hands. I recently compared her to a character like Supergirl but with more of a punch!

She has two attacks that just devastating and can really turn the tide of a match her “Shooting Star” move makes Starfire spin in the area while firing laser blasts during rotation. This is good move because at first glance it just looks like she is jumping but she is really about to attack. Her second move is “Tamaranean Charge”, similar to Raiden when she grabs her opponent as she rapidly soars to the other end of the arena, inflicting damage and looking awesome while doing so. Her dialogue options are so great that I wish she wasn’t a DLC character and was part of the actual storyline of Injustice 2.