Wonder Woman 2: Which Cheetah will we get?

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Credit: DC Comics

1. Cheetah (Barbara Ann Minerva)

Now there are many versions of the Barbara Ann Minerva Cheetah. We have Post-Crisis, New 52 and Rebirth. Nonetheless, they are all relatively similar in that this Cheetah is a magically endowed person with the spirit of the Cheetah. Hence, she becomes cheetah in appearance along with superhuman speed, strength, reflexes, fangs and claws. Whereas the other two are human. In all versions Barbara Ann Minerva is an archaeologist of sorts.

It is safe to say that this is the one they will use for the film. Say Cheetah and most fans think Barbara Ann Minerva right away. DC Comics is most likely telling people behind the film to use this as well. Using any other iteration may confuse any new potential readers the film picks up. The real question is which Minerva will they use?

She also adds to that Indiana Jones vibe that Patty Jenkins appreciates. Money is mostly on the original, as there is plenty of source material to borrow from, especially George Lopez’s work. The Rebirth one might be used as well, in hopes for newer Wonder Woman fans. They use the Wonder Woman New 52 origin of her as Zeus’ daughter. Hence, no reason they cannot use more recent material for her number one nemesis.

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