Wonder Woman 2: Which Cheetah will we get?

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Credit: DC Comics

2. Cheetah (Deborah Domaine)

Deborah Domaine is the niece of Priscilla Rich. She holds no interest for her wealthy upbringing and becomes an environmental activist and friend to Wonder Woman. Eventually the terrorist organization Kobra kidnaps her, after the death of her aunt. They give her a new costume, after brainwashing her as they state “Since we couldn’t have the original, we decided to make do with a recreation.”

Domaine is less than likely. She can work if her aunt is already set up in a first film, again think the Green Goblin in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Plus, she exists in no fashion since post-Crisis. In fact, her publication history is only a mere five years long. Furthermore, she has never crossed out of the comics in anything else. Her backstory is unique and relevant to the times though. Imagine something of an eco-terrorist, who believes in what they are doing. We also have the heavy debate of class and wealth in the country now. Deborah’s background can play off that as well. That is, if Wonder Woman 2 wants to offer more than just super heroics.