Avengers: Infinity War can revive these 6 characters

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3. Ronan the Accuser

Like the Red Skull, Ronan was apparently disintegrated by an Infinity Stone (the Power Stone, in this case) in the first GOTG. We also know he’s returning to the silver screen, as he will appear in Captain Marvel. That movie will be set before the events of Guardians and when Ronan is still accusing up a storm.

But wait, you say, why would anyone resurrect Ronan? The only person likely to resurrect Ronan is Thanos himself, and that’s precisely because Ronan betrayed him.

Ronan not only abused Thanos’ trust and tried to steal an Infinity Stone, but set into motion the events that allowed his daughters, Gamora and Nebula, to defy him. Thanos also didn’t get to kill Ronan himself.

If the MCU’s Thanos is as even half as prideful and wrathful as the comics’ version, he will want to settle that score. He would revive Ronan just to torture him, and possibly to force him to serve him.

Ronan’s revival would also present a wild card for the assumed final showdown in Avengers 4, where he might break free of Thanos’ control and become an ally of circumstance against the Mad Titan.

Why else revive Ronan? He’s a classic Marvel villain who obviously did well enough on screen for the MCU to use again; that’s rare, and suggests Marvel Studios sees a future for him.

Moreover, the details we’ve heard about Captain Marvel and various Agents of SHIELD episodes suggest Marvel Studios really sees potential in the Kree, and Ronan is the oldest and most storied Kree villain. He has a lot of untapped potential, and would offer a go-to antagonist for future cosmic Marvel movies.