Avengers: Infinity War can revive these 6 characters

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3. Hela

“Hela?!” you say? Yes, and for a few reasons.

First, Hela would be an incredible “Oh s—!” moment for Infinity War. As powerful as Thanos’ elite minions, the Black Order, are, it’s likely the Avengers will beat some of them. Though Thanos could destroy Earth’s heroes himself, he may decide they’re beneath notice. Hela would make for a daunting going-away present as Thanos teleports away to murder half the universe in peace and quiet.

As the Asgardian goddess of death, Hela is also powerful and notorious enough that Thanos would respect her. She’s not truly Death, but Thanos would still dig her style.

Hela’s return also benefits the MCU long-term. Marvel Studios is grinding down the Thor franchise pretty hard, based on the deaths of key supporting characters and the destruction of Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok. Infinity War trailers also suggest Thanos is going to kill additional Asgardians. Those tragedies help evolve Thor as a character, but they also leave little to work with if Chris Hemsworth is to continue as the God of Thunder, as he’s suggested he’d like to do.

Like Red Skull and Ronan, Hela is another villain with a lot of potential. For all the destruction she caused in Asgard, she still considered it her home and her birthright. More than despising Thor for killing her, she will despise him for destroying Asgard and for reducing its once-proud people to mere refugees.

That mindset would offer some great stories, as Hela might seek ways to restore Asgard and resume her old conquests. That would put Thor in the heart-wrenching position of blocking Asgard’s return to protect other realms – and let Loki play both sides for his own benefit, of course.