Legends of Tomorrow season 3: Ranking its top 5 moments

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4. Mick uses the Fire Totem to take down the Death Witch

One of season 3’s strongest episodes saw Sara completely overtaken by the Death Totem. Unable to shy away from its allure, she was talked into putting in on by her former self, The Canary. As a result, the Waverider’s captain became the terrifying Death Witch.

Beating all of her team members physically and mentally, Sara was unstoppable with the Totem’s power behind her. While the Time Bureau’s Ava and Gary tried to help from afar (by recruiting John Constantine), the Legends tried to take her down on the Waverider. And the only way to actually do that was with another totem.

With Amaya’s totem stolen and Zari taken out, that left Mick Rory with the recently resurrected Fire Totem. While the idea of Mick with a totem sounded preposterous, we all knew how much he loved fire. So, it was no surprise that he bonded with it easily.

With a newfound fire in his eyes (and in his hands), Mick rose to the occasion and took the fight to Sara. Two fire blasts later, the Death Witch was defeated and Sara was back in control.

This moment wasn’t just an awe-inspiring conclusion to a great episode, it was incredible to see Mick under the tutelage of the Fire Totem. While Heat Wave has always provided comic relief on the show, he is often overlooked when it comes to the serious storylines. But here, he proved his worth and managed to do what we all thought was impossible: Stop a super-powered Sara Lance.