Legends of Tomorrow season 3: Ranking its top 5 moments

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1. Beebo vs. Mallus

They say that you should save the best for last. Well, that appears to be the philosophy that the Legends live by too. Despite pulling out all the stops throughout season 3, the season finale somehow managed to take the show to even greater (and more bizarre) heights.

In a bid to defeat Mallus, the Legends gathered the six totems together and used them to create a warrior so pure that would easily defeat the demon. But in the midst of thinking up this beautiful lovechild, Nate’s mind drifted to the cuddliest pure-of-heart creature he could think of: Beebo. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Legends summoned a giant Beebo to take down Mallus.

I really don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much at a TV show as I did during this scene. The terrifyingly demonic Mallus waited across the field (in the old West) as the most non-threatening, cuddliest creature awkwardly clunked his way towards him, proclaiming his love of people and food. Legends of Tomorrow never takes itself too seriously, and that was never more obvious than in the finale. It was quite possibly the most outrageous, ridiculous and unorthodox thing to ever grace our TV screens, and that is why it’s bloody brilliant.

If this scene took place in any other TV show, it would be considered the moment that it jumped the shark. But the great thing here is that Legends is completely self-aware. The writers are aware of how ridiculous this show is. Thus, they’re not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to off-the-wall ideas. And this was more than evident here. In terms of television, this scene is an outcast, a misfit. Simply put: this scene is Legendary.

We love you too Beebo.

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Legends of Tomorrow will return to The CW in October for Season 4.